What is the Best Time of Day To Exercise?

What is the Best Time of Day To Exercise?
Many of us exercise but give up quickly because we do not see results quick enough or the results we want; so we start wondering what went wrong. The first thing that comes to our minds is that maybe exercising in the morning is better for weight loss. Or maybe afternoon? Or at night?

Do you often question yourself about losing weight and exercise in this way? Do you ever wonder about the timing of the exercise and whether it speeds up weight loss or for overall health benefits? Are you the kind of person who thinks that exercise can only be done best during the early mornings?

Many people believe that the best time to do exercise for weight loss and fat burning is early morning (and on an empty stomach). Is it really the truth? Yes and No – and in our circle of friends the topic of ‘the best time of day to exercise’ is always a hot debate between all of us. Here we will discuss the various arguments for and against, to help you determine what is the best time of day to exercise.

Various studies have shown evidence that it is the exercise that matters not the time of exercise. So, stop making excuses and start exercising! It’s a must-do activity. The timing of the exercise is not worth all the hype that has been created around it. To be honest, 30 minutes of dedicated cardiovascular exercise is enough to burn your body fat daily.

Exercising in the Mornings?
Let’s dig into the convention of doing early morning exercise. After all, being an exercise person you and I must know why scientists and yoga instructors lay emphasis on early morning cardio sessions.
Going through several articles, journals and talking to several experts we have come to know that early exercise is preferred because completing a dedicated cardio session in the morning will keep the metabolism rate elevated for several hours; and you will literally feel packed with energy all day long.

The twist in the story is that if your body does not have enough carbohydrates as an energy source, the only option your body will have is to make use of is body fat which is great for burning for but also muscle energy; ouch! Many people are too keen on losing muscle mass so many other times of day are suitable for them.

Exercising Before Breakfast for Weight Loss?
We are thrilled to tell you all, that like every other subject where scientists or say, philosophers have 2 or more schools of thought about the same question, it is the same here. 2 strong schools of thought exist whether exercising on an empty stomach is beneficial for weight loss or not.

The first school of thought strongly supports early morning exercise because according to them, glycogen or (carbohydrates) are in short supply in the mornings (because you haven’t eaten) and given this, the body uses the reserves which are body fat as energy to fuel your workout. People that support this also state, yes you will burn fat even if you eat before you exercise, however, you will be burning off what you just ate.

As we touched on above, a counter-argument to this is that by exercising in the morning at a fasted state and using the fat stores as energy, the body turns to muscle also to fuel the workout. Therefore, there is a positive of burning fat but also a negative of burning muscle, it just depends on what you prefer.

Don’t panic if you don’t follow this school of thought because, in the end, no one knows exactly how much fat we burn by exercising in the morning, some studies have shown (but not definite) that we could potentially burn up to 200% more fat by exercising in the morning without eating.

What About Afternoon Exercise?
If you feel energized during the afternoon, here is the good news for you: since the human body experiences maximum body temperature in the afternoon, between 2 pm and 6 pm, this is actually the best time to exercise. If you exert energy during this time, you will be able to shed off more pounds than you think and aid recovery, ensuring you have fewer injuries.

The body temperature is high in the afternoons, thus one can do heavier and tougher workouts in the afternoon. Increased body temperature brings increased stamina and endurance. Try it for yourself, aren’t you more firey in the afternoons and sluggish in the mornings? If your sluggish first thing in the morning, how do you think you can push yourself? Therefore, if you are focusing on getting super fit, increasing your endurance for say, a marathon than these tougher workouts should be done in the afternoons when your body is fully prepared.

What About Exercising in the Evenings?
If you decide to do the exercise in the evening, then the afterburn of fats will not be as effective as it is in the morning session because, in the evening, the drill is that you will fall asleep after 2 or 3 hours; and in case you didn’t know the metabolism rate during sleep is at the lowest.

Therefore, the evening sessions are said to not be that much as effective for weight loss. This still doesn’t mean that if you are not a morning person than you lose hope for doing exercises at all. Buck up! You can still do the cardio session any time of the day but yes mornings are more preferable “according to the experts”.

The counter argument to nighttime exercise is that miraculously our body better utilizes protein for muscle repair at night. So if you do your exercise roughly between 5pm-7pm, your less likely to get injured and your muscles recover a lot quicker, therefore leaving you feeling less exhausted and tired, ultimately making you more fit in the long run.

So this means that if you are able to push yourself more and recover quicker, this means you’ll sweat it out more, thus burn more fat.

See how hard it is to decide what really is the best time of day to exercise for maximum weight loss when there are so many competing theories?

Want Our Opinion? So, Which is the Best Time?
As we say, “something is always better than nothing”, it is the same in the case of exercise and when to do it. A little workout is always better than no exercise or lethargic lifestyle. A quick piece of advice: “never ever skip your exercise.” We strongly condemn those who skip their workout sessions just because they were too caught up in their daily routines. Skipping your cardio sessions is a crime unless you are too sick, over-trained or injured.

Motto, Exercise When You FEEL the Best, Otherwise You Won’t Stick To It
Don’t be confused about when the best time of day is to exercise to lose weight or burn fat. Do your exercise whenever you feel like doing it but the condition is only that you do it in routine. As long as you do it the results will appear. Don’t be embarrassed if you are a night owl and you think night is the coolest time of the day. Fasten up yourselves and do the workouts at night. Wait! What if you are a morning person, like a hard-core morning person, obviously then you have all the time of the day to burn up your body fat. Start your day with a dedicated work out followed by a healthy breakfast.

We think that the different times of the day are really minimal in the output of results, exercising at 8 am won’t burn 200 more calories compared to exercising at 5 pm. The only condition is that you do it on a daily basis no matter what. Consistency matters! Whether you exercise in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night, the requirement is that you do it for a full 30 minutes or so to ensure the burning of body fat. This will surely shape your body and maintain your metabolism to assist in getting to your goal weight.

So be willing to do your workouts daily, the results will appear. Be consistent and don’t lose heart! Hard work and dedication will surely pay off if you are dedicated to keeping yourself healthy and perfect in shape.