The Latest Obsession: The Thigh Gap and How to Get It

The Latest Obsession: The Thigh Gap and How to Get It
The thigh gap… the obsession to have one may not be necessarily new, but a lot of women aspire to get one. There has been an increasing pressure to have a clear space in between our thighs. So how do you get every other woman envious of your thigh gap? How do you even get a thigh gap? Well, read on and find out how.

The first thing you need to remember is that you need to know the type of thighs you have. There is a possibility that instead of achieving the desired results, your thighs could become bigger. There are several tests that could help you determine whether you need to shed off some fat in your thighs or tone down your thigh muscles. Once you’re aware of the situation in your thighs, you can work towards the sexy thigh gap you want.

Keep The Cardio Ball RollingKeep The Cardio Ball Rolling The most important thing you need to know on how to get a thigh gap is that you need to get your thighs slim. What better way to do so than by getting your cardio work-out going? You need to focus on the fastest ways to burn calories and fat without gaining more muscle in your thighs.

This can be done by avoiding working your thigh muscles more than necessary. Note that this does not mean you shouldn’t work your thighs at all! You just need to keep the resistance and incline low. Aim for a moderate to high-intensity workouts as to have the best results. You could consider using a heart rate calculator. If you’re exercising outdoors, you need to avoid hilly grounds as although this is the best way to tone your legs, running on hilly grounds, often builds too much muscle in order to have an inner thigh gap.

Make Fat Dwindle Away But Don’t Pile Up Muscle
Make Fat Dwindle Away But Don’t Pile Up MuscleOne way you could burn fat without bulking up, you need to increase the length of your aerobic exercise. Consider long-distance running as it will target a smaller muscle fiber that has a limited capacity to grow. The pleasant result is stronger muscles that are not bolstered to bus-size tissues. It also obviously burns the fat.

Short intense cardio workouts to burn fat, but greatly increase the size of your thighs. Sprinting, High-Intensity Interval Training or anything similar should be avoided. There’s nothing wrong with them, in fact, they are great when you’re burning fat. Be that as it may, they in no way help you get your thigh gap.

Endurance running is the best exercise that will slim and shape your thighs and legs. Ever compared an endurance runner with a sprinter? If you have then you probably noticed that one of them has slim legs; those legs do not belong to the sprinter.

Challenge Your Thighs to a Race, The Long Distance KindChallenge Your Thighs to a Race, The Long Distance KindRunning will slim your thighs and reshape your legs. If you have hefty sized muscles in your thighs, endurance running will be more than effective. It reduces the size of your muscle and further burns the fat in your thighs. You need to run for a long distance with little or no incline at all.

If you hate running or feel it is too much a challenge, you can consider elliptical training. It should have either little or no resistance. Remember though to have the right posture when indulging on an elliptical trainer. Otherwise, you could strain the front of your thighs and consequently prop up humongous thighs.

Time For That Resistance Training
As soon as you have lost some fat from your thighs you can take your best shot at resistance training. This could really reinforce your efforts by increasing the shape and definition of your thighs. This is especially when you notice that having lost weight, you lack shape.

The perfect resistance training that targets the legs will mold and firm them. The weights you use should be moderately light so as to allow your thighs to become stronger, harder and more defined without becoming bigger. If your body type is Mesomorphic, then you will most likely respond quickly. You’ll need to be observant as to know if the exercise is really helping you achieve the desired inner thigh gap. You may not actually need resistance training since your thigh muscles are already well toned.

Don’t Drop It Like a Squat? Think Again and Don’t Go Heavy
Don’t Drop It Like a Squat? Think Again and Don’t Go HeavyYou may like your weights heavy and your squats down low but if you want the lady thigh gap then squats, lunges, leg curls, stiff-legged deadlifts, leg extension, and calf raises are not the answer. Why not? Don’t they slim thighs? Truth is they don’t ALWAYS slim your thighs and depending on whether you have slim thigh or muscly thighs, you need to determine whether doing thigh gap exercises such as squats and lunges will actually give you a thigh gap.

Spend a good amount of time with your supposed friend, the step machine, and next thing you know your thigh muscles are massive. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to steer clear of these exercises. You could do them once you’ve gotten rid of the fat from your thighs and have a better idea of how muscular your thighs are.

Stay Put, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Patience may be bitter, but the fruit is so sweet you’ll be glad you held on. If you’re on a sinking ship and decide to swim to a shore, it would not make sense to swim half the distance then turn around and swim back to the ship! Do stay focused and always visualize what you want to achieve, even when it appears that all your efforts are futile.

You cannot spot reduce. When losing weight, you do so everywhere. It is impossible to only break up the fat in your thighs. In fact, the inner thighs will be one of the last areas of your body to slim down and firm up. It would help if you took into account your body shape, genetic make-up, and body fat levels when establishing your weight-loss goals.

This will help you understand that you need a certain amount of time to earn what you have worked so hard for.

So there you have it. Go ahead and get that thigh gap you so badly want. There’s nothing wrong with working towards it. After all, you need to take care of your body; you are the one living in it anyway. So why not do something that will give you a sense of satisfaction and gratification?