How to Eat To Lose Weight: 25 Smart Little Secrets

How to Eat To Lose Weight: 25 Smart Little Secrets
Someone said that success is the total sum of small disciplinary increments done every day. Here are 25 little tricks that will make a long term charm to your weight loss crusade whilst saving you money!

Don’t Judge The Box By Its Cover
Don’t count on what you see on the boxes or bottles of food products. Their goal is to get you hooked, no really let’s be honest, it’s the hook, line and sinker analogy. Labels that say “natural”, “organic” or “no preservatives” don’t mean they are really healthy. Be careful when reading labels and nutritional facts.

Don’t Let Your Water Be Watered DownDrinking water doesn’t have to be dull and boring. You can add class to the glass by squeezing a lemon or lime into it or add sliced cucumbers or berries.

Tighten Up Thy Nuts
Nuts are good tummy fillers and a great source of protein, fiber, and essential fats to keep them in reach in between meals. Just make sure that you count them and don’t just ‘grab’ a handful as they are calorie dense.

A New Life Motto – “Hara Hachi Bu”
Finish up but not fill up, Hara Hachi Bu is a saying which means ‘eat until you are 80 percent full’. The idea is to eat thoughtfully. Enjoy every bite and chew them right. A minimum of 20 minutes of eating and enjoying your food will result in 2 times the normal lifespan, that is, if you also don’t drink and drive. One of the secrets of Japanese people who reach a hundred and more years is exactly this. So if you try this, you not only lose weight but also lose momentum for a really short life.

Get Cozy with ANDI
Meet ANDI! (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index). You must eat fruits and veggies that are high with ANDI. For veggies, try going for kale, collard greens, mustard greens, bok choy, watercress, and spinach. For fruits, go for strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and orange. More of ANDI could mean more vitality for you!

Remember Your Life Station
Because you want a healthy and long life, you know where to go for stuff to rejuvenate and replenish your body. Most of the healthy foods are located at the far edges of the grocery store.

Let The Bowl Rule
When eating your snack, employ the bowl’s ability to control and measure what you eat instead of carelessly grabbing all the food from the bag or box to your heart’s content.

Don’t Wear Your Heart On Your Fork
One powerful thing that drives people to eat compulsively is emotion. We most often at times, turn to food to satisfy or pour out our feelings. Next time something like that happens, give yourself a breather first by taking a walk to mellow down your emotion.

Quench The Hunger
You can sometimes soothe that hungry feeling by grabbing a glass of water to wash that feeling away.

New Snack Attack
A smarter option for your snacks would be fruits or veggies with healthy and nutritious dressings. Apple dressed with peanut butter or baby carrots dipped in almond butter or hummus are winners. Click here for more healthy snack ideas.

Avoidance is  A Brave Move
Do a food stock overhaul. Get rid of stuff that you won’t need anymore. Simplify and focus your life on pro-activity and start with a clean slate. Throw or give away junk food and do it right away, right now! Remember, change delayed is changed denied. Clean up and move on.

Bring Up The Heat
Chilli pepper and spices not only add color and flavor but also can accelerate your metabolism and give you that quick satisfaction.

Bare Hand BasicsPutting everything you eat through the weighing scale could be downright exhausting. Your hand is a good enough measuring device in controlling your food intake. Just simply measure with your palm the meat, the vegetables and fruits and with your thumb some portion of fats.

Protein Always On The Scene
This is a given but can be overlooked at times. Always include protein in your meals because it is the most satisfying of all nutrients. Make an effort to have a list of protein-rich foods like natural peanut butter, beans, and eggs (especially egg whites) and incorporate them into your meals in measured amounts.

Watch Your Mouth
We lose this battle more often than not because we overlook the details. It’s easier to just assume you are in the safe zone rather than check whether you unknowingly already gained another pound. Recording your meals or using a computer or mobile apps like MyPlate would be a sure win way to keep yourself on track.

The Metaphorical Slap
When indiscipline and recklessness drag you to the fridge or the kitchen cupboard, it is sometimes best to put up signs and reminders that could slap you awake to your senses and make you turn around. A sign like, “Is It Worth It?” will do the trick.

Half Veggie Reggie
Intentionally include in your daily food regiment, veggies, and fruits. You may eat with the same full plate but with veggies and fruits filling half of it.

Pasta Switches For Fewer Calories
More nutrition will be had by doing a little diversion with your usual pasta meals. Switch 1 cup of your whole pasta serving into 1 cup of vegetables. Do this more often and you’ll speed up the process of saying goodbye to your extra large pants.

Being In The Way Is Okay
Make intentional steps to be sure you see more often the things that you really want for your body. Put fresh fruits and vegetables in strategic places especially when you want to munch on something. In a fruit bowl, on a kitchen table, the top of your desk or in a snack container in your fridge are some good examples. Place them where you will notice them when your hunger creeps in and you are most likely to pick on them.

Avocado BravadoAt least half of the avocado each day could help you slim down and power up at the same time. A study has shown that daily avocado gives you a good supply of positive cholesterol called HDL. This also helps you gain more memory and remove unnecessary body fats! Bonus.

A Banana Split From Your Usual Ice Cream
Here’s a totally funky and ingenious idea. To part ways with the calorie saturated ice cream but still enjoy the same creamy delight, try slicing up some bananas, place in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and freeze for about 12 hours. Blend them until creamy. A tablespoon of almond milk could add to its creaminess. You would almost mistake it for real ice cream when you taste it.

Very Strawberry
Eating real strawberries instead of strawberry ice cream for dessert will save you from needless calories and fats.

Check Before The Evening Trek
With most restaurants having their websites and menu online, you would be smart to check online first and see if there are healthy options there. Choose and keep to the decision to go for that nutritious order and avoid being compelled otherwise by planning ahead.

Alcohol Control
In your resolve to eat and live healthily, one of the necessary things to forgo is alcoholic beverages. They contain enormous amounts of calories and tend to tilt you towards eating even more mindlessly. However, if you decide to keep alcohol in your meals, limit it to 2 drinks in a week or drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink to keep you hydrated and in control of your appetite.

Advance With a Plan
Planning ahead is the key to success in any area of life most especially with your health. Take time to write down and list foods that you need in your daily regimen for dietary success. Write them down and calculate how much of the fruit section, the veggie section and the protein section you want for that week. Plan your meals and your snacks in advance by apportioning your fresh and natural goodies in containers or cook them and make them ready any time you want a munch or a lunch. Make your kitchen a gastronomic armory always ready to shoot all those undesirable fats down!