Weight Loss Motivation “Eat As Much As You Want”…Really?

Weight Loss Motivation “Eat As Much As You Want”…Really?
Unlike animals, we’re prone to eat when bored or lonely. Frankly, the more inactive we become, the more we tend to eat. Especially during the colder months of the year, when we often seek pleasure in food, only to cover up desires that have nothing to do with hunger. To the point of getting fed up and the search for the motivation of losing those extra pounds is on, usually through force. But who is ever motivated for long when being pressured? And forcing ourselves, especially when dieting, is tricking the mind rather than truly trying to weave healthy eating habits into daily life. Much better is to allow yourself to eat as much as you want, but mindfully.

How To Stop Thinking About Food? One powerful method from eating mindlessly is the activity itself. As we keep busy with daily duties or focusing on career, hobby or learning, we naturally stop thinking about food.

Furthermore, engaging with friends and acquaintances keeps us happy and away from eating for the want of merely passing time. When we’re interacting with others we must concentrate on what is said or done, and on responding. Thus, engaging in social events, be it for fitness, game nights and other social hobbies, help fill our real needs for recognition, love and fun, thus quieting the stomach.

Eat As Much As You Want
But what should we do at a dinner party? Remember, it’s not easy to talk while eating. Best is to savor each bite without restraint. Eat as much as you want. Yes, weight loss motivation starts by eating slowly and deliberately. Then, you’ll be able to taste your food and are less likely to overindulge while filling the stomach, slowly. But we should set the fork aside to pay full attention when conversing.

Pay Attention To Your Body
Exercise also keeps us from munching away and sparks motivation. Start by walking the dog, if possible, lengthening the usual time. Don’t own a pooch? Ask your neighbor to borrow theirs. Take in the sights, like snow-covered streets, lights, or the greenery when it gets warmer again. Begin jogging or running and walking intermittently. Ask a friend or friends to join you. Also, reach for the dumbbells once a day. Exercise arm muscles. Do crunches, using the big muscles of the legs. Amazing how exercise, aerobic or strengthening, pulls attention to the remarkable machinery that is our body.

Try Strange New Recipes
Another approach is cooking. We could choose a healthy recipe, never tried before. Or whip up a foreign dish, like Indian, Mexican or perhaps French. Serve breakfast with bran pancakes and top it with low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat Greek yogurt and/or berries. Sometimes, to get off the candy bars, saturated with fats and corn syrup, we could be making our own recipes, looking at the ingredients, choosing smartly.

When we keep busy, both physically and mentally, then life gets to be exciting as it is a wonderful way to keep motivated. Furthermore, in loving yourself enough to discover your true desires, the odds diminish for harming yourself by overindulging on foods that are not meant to quench hunger but used to counteract boredom or loneliness, or perhaps another need not met.