The Dr. Phil Diet Shape Up Plan

The Dr. Phil Diet Shape Up Plan
The Dr. Phil Diet
The diet introduced by Dr. Phil is called the – Shape Up Plan. This plan utilizes weight loss strategies based on your own ability to devise a plan and includes philosophical methods for accomplishing your goals. His approach to losing weight also combines eating high-fiber foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and what he refers to as good fats.

In essence: Dr. Phil’s diet plan is for anyone who wants to control their food intake and change their lifestyle through self-control.
He utilizes positive reinforcement, healing, developing self-control, exercise, and support as the basis for his diet plan. Meal planning is centered on balance, consisting of all healthy food groups. According to Dr. Phil, satisfaction and nutrition are the keys to health and they must be always included in any weight-management plan.

Using psychology as the framework of this plan, he offers deep-seated solutions to weight-loss problems

“Failures in weight-loss efforts are due to the lies that you cherish so much. You chase after fad diets to give you the satisfaction of chasing them, not the satisfaction of losing weight.”

Moreover, he cites emotional factors as the basis for not being able to lose weight.
He refers to them as factors that need to be dealt with properly and with finality. Unless you are able to think in a healthy manner, nutrition will not be effectively healthy for you because you will not be able to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. Indeed, there are many weight-loss plans in the market but they somehow are unable to deal with the mental aspect; thus, they are non-sustainable or maintainable for a long period.

He recommends the following foods not be consumed: fast food, cookies, potato chips as well as salty and fatty foods. In addition, he suggests portion control, with foods high in fiber and which contain high amounts of nutrients. The Shape Up Plan enables you to lose one to two pounds per week. Dr. Phil suggests a slow and steady diet is the best way to lose weight and to keep it off as well.

The Shape Up Plan is analogous to recognizing the conflict within, dealing with it, and then beginning the Dr. Phil diet with a brand new mindset. Interesting concept, don’t you think?