Facts about Wine and Weight Loss

Facts about Wine and Weight Loss
How would you like it if drinking wine were to help you lose weight? Well, it now seems that having a nice glass of red wine is actually healthier than having any of those cleansing juices and will help you lose weight at the same time. It’s actually quite amusing that famous people force themselves to choke on disgusting drinks when they should actually to sit down and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Of course, you have to make sure that you drink in moderation and not down a drink an entire bottle a day.

Wine is Good for Your BodyThe evidence to suggest the wine is actually healthy is very impressive. Research has been done on some 20,000 women of normal weight for 13 years. Those who drank one or two glasses of red wine per day were 30% less likely of being overweight. Women who drank beer and liquor were also less likely to be overweight, although less so than the wine drinkers. This is because wine has a range of other benefits too, including the fact that they reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

So why is wine so good for your health, as well as making your body burn those calories? It seems that women don’t make as many of the enzymes that are able to metabolize alcohol as men. In other words, if they want to be able to digest an alcoholic drink, their body has to produce far more energy. So, women, in particular, see a lot of benefits in terms of weight loss if they drink one or two glasses of wine.

Besides this, alcohol leads to thermogenesis, which also helps in burning calories. When you drink alcohol, your body temperature rises, which is what leads to the tell-tale red cheeks and noses. A higher body temperature means that your body burning more energy or calories.

There’s More!
There is actually more. Apparently, women who drink in moderation have a tendency to eat less. It isn’t clear why this is the case, but it is possibly due to the fact that they want to enjoy both their drink and their food more.

So what does this mean? Essentially, drinking more wine means you consume fewer calories and burn more energy. However, this does not mean you should just stop eating and start drinking. The key is to consume alcohol in moderation, sticking to the recommended guidelines for women and men. You must also make sure that you get sufficient nutrients that can only be consumed through your diet. Furthermore, your red wine is far better for you than white wine. Although the wine weight loss in terms of calorie burning is the same, red wine has a lot more benefits.

Mulled wine
You can get a full mulled wine recipe, but you can now also simply purchase a ready-made bottle that you only have to heat up. Mulled wine for weight loss works for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is based on red wine. Secondly, because it is warm, your body will have to work harder at digesting it, leading to further weight loss. Clearly, wine and weight loss are real and the wine weight loss properties have now been extensively documented. However, the risk is that people will turn to too much alcohol in the hopes that it will help them lose weight, which will not work.