Easy Diet Plan Review: Dish Diet Program to Simplify Portion Control

Easy Diet Plan Review: Dish Diet Program to Simplify Portion Control

One of the biggest pitfalls of dieting is that our lives end up centering around our food. We find ourselves spending extra time and energy doing things we wouldn’t normally do, like measuring, counting points, or fretting over whether what we’re eating is even allowed. Not only is this distracting but it also takes away from the simple enjoyment of food and ignores what the underlying problem is for many of us, namely portion control

In fact, our weight loss problems often have as much to do with how we view portion sizes, as our food choices.

When this is the case, the real diet-hurdle is determining what a healthy portion size actually is. Unfortunately, the packaging on food products and serving sizes in restaurants are so blown out of proportion, that they’ve distorted many of our perceptions of how much is too much, let alone balancing the various food groups by feeling or habit.

The Dish Diet is a weight loss program which aims to make everyday portion control a natural habit. By using a special set of dishware for meals and snacks that decrease in size through a five-step program, weight loss and portion control are accomplished in a gradual, gentle process. This method is effective because the body can easily take in 100 to 200 calories more or less each day without noticing.

Basically, this program helps you eat fewer calories over time, without drastically changing what you eat or making you starve. As the dinnerware gets smaller each week, you can fit slightly less food in it. However, because the steps are small and the food still fills the plate/bowl, you don’t really notice the difference. You just eat as you normally do, just gradually less and less! 

Dish Diet is also combined with online support and a guide that emphasizes sensible eating, rather than a strict diet regimen. In fact, you are encouraged to eat basically what you want, just in moderation. 

What do the Dish Diet dishes look like?

Though each dish has specific serving measurements, it is designed to look like basic dinnerware. This gives a certain degree of discretion and the feeling that one isn’t using ‘special’ bowls or plates. They also come in both plastic and porcelain versions.