Paleo diet – stay slim and healthy

Paleo diet – stay slim and healthy
If you heard anything about the Paleolithic diet, you probably already know that it’s designed to include only those foods that would have been consumed by our ancient ancestors who lived some forty to sixty thousand years ago, before man started to practice growing crops of grain. Paleolithic, or Paleo, Stone Age or Caveman diet as it’s also known has been shown to be able to help many to lose weight and stay healthy.

Most Paleo diet practitioners eat a mix of natural, whole foods like pasture grown chicken and eggs, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, green vegetables, fruit, especially berries and nuts. Some people will also include some dairy products, especially whole fat, unpasteurized milk, but that really depends on one’s tolerance to lactose.

Why is Paleolithic diet an effective way to lose weight?
Paleolithic diet

Most practitioners and proponents of Paleo will testify that they view Paleo more as a lifestyle choice than as a strict diet. All Paleo-approved foods are natural and very tasty, and there are really no limitations when it comes to the amount that you should eat, so it’s really easy and a pleasure to eat like that. If you are looking to go on a Paleo diet in order to lose weight, you will need to get rid of some types of foods and keep them off your menu. For one, grains and starchy foods are completely off limits, and the same goes for sugars and other simple carbs.

These foods have a very high hypoglycemic index, and upon eating them the levels of sugar in your bloodstream will rise dramatically, which will send the signal to your body to start storing the ingested calories as fat. On the other hand, eating low hypoglycemic foods, like lean meat and green vegetables will keep the blood sugar levels stable, and the keto processes or naturally occurring fat burning going.

On the other hand, you should probably not feel like you are missing out on delicious foods since you can eat all the steaks, chicken, seafood, eggs and even bacon that your heart desires – these are all OK under the Paleo diet. High protein intake will help you feel full and satisfied for a long time. There are no empty calories when you eat Paleo – every meal you have should be full of rich flavor and bursting with nutrients and completely free of any sugars or artificial additives.

And speaking of sugar, did you know that refined, white table sugar is really addictive? It’s true – people develop real addictions to sugary foods such are sodas and candy, and like all addictions, those also have its emotional and psychological dependency components. You should make sure that you never become so dependent on unhealthy foods, and treat yourself to some delicious berries instead. But if you are really serious about weight loss, it might be a good idea to stay clear from any sugar, at least for a limited period of time.