After Weight Loss: Tired of YoYo Dieting?

After Weight Loss: Tired of YoYo Dieting?
Losing a considerable amount of weight can totally change a person’s self-image, give them new confidence and greatly reduce certain health risks. Even if you only lost a few pounds there is a great satisfaction that comes along with reaching your goal weight. Then comes the “Oh no, now I have to keep it off, what happens if I gain weight?” It can cause great anxiety worrying about weight and how to maintain it. Well, there are many things you can do to keep the weight off and keep your best dress size, now, that you are ready to get off the YoYo dieting turnaround!

When Old Eating and Exercise Habits Sneak Up Again
One common mistake that people make after losing the weight is not continuing with the diet and exercise that was needed to drop the pounds. Falling back into your old eating and (not) exercising habits is a huge “no no” and will definitely pack the pounds on if you used a different regimen to lose the weight. Also, begin a routine exercise regimen if you haven’t already. You have to permanently adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to keep the pounds off.
  • Do not skip meals, this will slow down your metabolism and most likely cause a binge to eat later in the day.
  • Eat regular meals, only implement portion control and try picking food that is low in fat.
  • Another great way to track your diet is to make a food journal. Record what you eat and drink during the day, and be honest about the amount, or the journal is useless. This will help you not only keep track but learn about your eating habits and form new ways to control your diet.
  • Make sure you are burning more calories than your taking in. Sitting at the house in front of the TV or computer screen has been known to correlate with regain. Get out, stay active and enjoy the new body you have.
  • Try to find pleasure in your new lifestyle. Make sure you let yourself know that you deserve to be healthy and that you deserve the great new body that you are working towards. Confidence and a positive attitude will be an amazing tool when changing your lifestyle and maintaining your new figure!
Nutrition For Weight Loss: Learn About it It is amazing how little some people know about nutrition and how to implement that knowledge for weight loss and healthy living. Try to educate yourself on nutrition and learn about what your body needs to not only stay healthy but also to maintain your weight. There are online nutrition schools offering short term programs that could teach you a lot about nutrition and aid you in your weight loss and maintaining it.

Nutrition plays a huge role in how your body will react to losing weight and exercising. Learn what good calories are and how to use them to benefit your body in everyday life, and when you are using a new exercise plan. There are essential food groups and different amounts of calories of each that you need to keep a healthy body. Learning about this can greatly increase your chances of maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body.

Using Your Weigh-In Scale Using a scale is a way to monitor changes in your body and keep track of gains or losses in weight. Using a scale, for the most part, is a simple tool when checking your weight loss. However, there are certain things that factor into the numbers you see on the scale.
Different foods you eat may change numbers.
  • For instance, foods high in sodium may cause your body to retain water which will temporarily show on the scale.
  • Women will have this during their monthly menstrual cycle and may show signs of weight gain because of bloating and water retention.
  • Also, if you are losing weight but gaining muscle you may see no change or the numbers on the scale may go up. Muscle mass adds weight and this will show on the scale.
  • Be sure to use the same scale, sometimes a scale may not be completely accurate, but by using the same scale your actual weight changes will be accurate.
  • Weigh in at the same time of day each day, your weight may fluctuate during the day depending on meals, etc.
  • Wear the same amount of clothing each time you weigh or wear no clothing at all.
  • Do not become a slave to the weighing process. It can become tempting to get on the scale each time you are around it, but remember this is a slow process and checking constantly will not speed up or slow down the process and can become a problem.
  • Also, remember there are other ways of determining your body mass so you do not have to rely solely on the scale.
There are plenty more resources you can tap into to aid you in your weight loss and maintaining the process. Just remember to stay positive, do your research and to steer clear of old eating habits. Losing weight is a liberating process do, not let the process itself become an issue and take that liberation away. Be proud of every little advancement you make, and reward yourself with self-confidence and a love for your new and steadily changing body!