12 Аlternative Natural Substitutes for Sugar Cravings

12 Аlternative Natural Substitutes for Sugar Cravings
Don’t know about you… 
But when I finally settle down in the evening, relax in my recliner with the blanket over me, the dog in my lap, and YES, with a healthy snack at hand and a good movie waiting, all stress of the day blissfully vanishes away.

While my significant other munches on greasy potato chips, rather than dipping my hand into his bowl, I munch on popcorn- a much healthier snack alternative.

When tempting foods are constantly brought in by the other party, it makes sense to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time. This avoids grief. Especially after opting for healthy food and watching calories all day. No need to spoil it.

Sugar cravings run rampant in my life. 
I want that snack! Who is in charge here? My belly or my brain? Is it a lack of discipline when that signal overcomes my frontal lobe, and I give in to the cravings? Perhaps!

You’ve probably experienced for yourself at one time or another when your brain tried to relieve stress with food for the sake of happiness. You can only overcome this reaction by learning to re-train the brain. For example, by choosing snacks that are good for you and making them easily available.

Sugar soothes. 
When I was a child, my favorite reward was not money but chocolate. When I felt sad, or had a fight with my best friend or was sick, Mom made me hot chocolate to make me feel better. Our brain operates on such memories.

I say, give in to sugar cravings occasionally. 
But also find alternative nutritious snacks to chocolates, cakes, cookies, or ice cream. The following are examples of how to beat sugar cravings while snacking on fewer calories.

You may not find prunes (Sunsweet’s are sweet, fruity, and juicy) a great alternative to chocolate right now. But I DARE you….

Some healthy snack ideas to help you get started:
healthy snack ideasWhen you crave sugar:
  1. Pitted Prunes (rich in antioxidants, potassium, and fiber)
  2. Organic Dates (sweet- rich in fiber)
  3. Graham Crackers with a tiny bit of butter
  4. Cottage Cheese topped with fresh fruit
  5. Jell-O pudding (no sugar, topped with Cool Whip)
  6. Kiwi fruit (a great alternative for sour candy)
  7. Warm popcorn (add a little organic honey)
  8. Low fat, vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit added)
  9. Dole Hawaiian Fruit in a can (top with Cool Whip)
  10. Prepare your own applesauce or opt for no-sugar-added applesauce
  11. Chew Wrigley’s Double Mint Gum (delicious – really)
  12. Mint tea (add organic honey)