Exercising to Build Muscle Any Place Any Time

Exercising to Build Muscle Any Place Any Time
Your weight loss diet works. You’ve lost plenty of body fat. You eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. They include fresh vegetables, lean protein, fruit and fiber and at least 8 glasses of water. Yet you still feel a lack of energy…

Here are a few tips to build up muscle tone, stamina, and strength without going to the gym every day.
Start with strength training exercises. Great for building muscle fast. Begin with lighter weights first, then gradually add more weight over time.

Free weights, such as barbells or dumbbells will allow you to move naturally when strengthening and toning your muscles. Plus, you can usually take a small pair of weights with you just about anywhere. Using free weights can also help improve your balance and posture, for even more strength and tone, because you really have to pay attention to proper body alignment for each movement. Do each move slowly while always using your core to protect your spine! Yoga is a great teaching tool for that.

Pressed for time, I often prefer utilizing my body weight doing exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and dips or squats. These exercises are very effective and you can do them during work breaks in your office or the park around the corner, in the elevator or while walking down the hall. Sounding like Dr. Seuss “you can do them anywhere!” Any time… Do them right after coming home from work before tackling chores or sitting down for the day. Squats, in particular, make you look great quickly.

When doing the squats, raise one arm crosswise to your leg above the head. Now you’re giving yourself a cardio workout to boot.

Drink plenty of water. Have a protein shake after working out. For me, skim milk or yogurt works just fine. These are enough calories for me because I still want to lose a couple of pounds of body fat. If not, you need to eat more to compensate for the energy needed to grow muscle tissue.

Eating frequently helps your muscles to grow and recover. It also helps to raise your metabolism. You should always eat after you have finished your workout. It is best to eat protein and carbohydrates. You can also try a protein shake from any fitness store.

Try to get enough sleep at night, since this is when growth hormone is released, building muscle.