What Size Should be Portions to Lose Weight?

What Size Should be Portions to Lose Weight?
Everyone knows the fact that overweight people have a stomach of quite an impressive size. This comes from systematic overeating. Therefore, people who are overweight sometimes do not even notice how much they eat. They think they got out of the table without having eaten, but actually ate a decent portion of food.

That is why in weight loss it is important to cut back portions. There are even special operations to reduce the volume of the stomach, thanks to which people eat less, and therefore lose weight. At least, that's what they say, and that's how things really are…

And in fact
In fact, it's much more complicated than that. Everyone who loses weight at least once, and in reality very often, asks the question: how much should he eat in one sitting? The portion should bring satiety, but not harm the figure...

Determining such a portion is difficult, and sometimes almost unrealistic. So it turns out that some people in pursuit of a slender waist begin to cut back on portions of food that after 3-5 days just fall off their feet from a lack of energy. Yes, then they really lose weight, but at the same time notice that hair catastrophically falls out, aging skin, there are problems in the internal organ and nervous system because of a lack of essential vitamins and trace elements.

Dietitian Advice
Nutritionists advise getting out of the table with a sense of hunger. That is, you understand that you have already eaten, but have not eaten yet and at this time must collect the will in a fist and leave the kitchen. One woman, after a long experiment, said: "I'm about to get hysterical because I'm just sitting down at the table, I'm just starting to think when I'm going to get out of it, and I'm afraid to miss this important moment.
Of course, it is, to put it mildly, embellished, but maybe it is really very unnerving to get out of the table hungry?

If you want to eat, drink
However, some slimmer found a way out and before eating pumped themselves with water. This method is good when you want to drink rather than eat. After all, often we confuse the feeling of hunger with the desire to drink. The body, exhausted by years of thirst, learns to directly ask for a drink. A person feels discomfort, as if he wants to eat, and begins to throw something out of the refrigerator. All I had to do was drink. That's advised to drink before eating. If 10 minutes after a glass of water you still want to eat, then you are hungry, and if not, then no!
But I'll tell you honestly, this method doesn't work. If you are really hungry, then 10 minutes after the water you can still eat.

There is a way out
And so we came to the most important questions: what to do and what to do to lose weight? Eat crumbs or even a day?
To learn a lot to eat and just not to eat excess food, you need to take your stomach low-calorie food before serving a calorie meal. For example, vegetables. That's why according to the theory "Eat boldly" basic meals should start with vegetable salads. And there should be enough salad to keep them!

So you sit down at the table, put a bowl of vegetables in front of you and eat them. There should be no other food on the table! And then, when you think that you have already eaten, you impose yourself another meal: the one that was going to have breakfast or dinner. How much to impose? As much as you want! You still can't eat much because you've already eaten. Vegetables will accelerate metabolism, protect you from spikes in blood sugar, and therefore from the attacks of mad appetite!

Many people who lose weight with vegetables, at first get out of the table with a crowded stomach. This is because they have not yet learned to control portions of food and by old memory trying to eat the usual amount of food after salad. However, after two weeks, each of them consciously puts on a half plate of food.

Because they know that it is enough for them because yesterday and the day before yesterday they did not finish a portion of a larger size. And in a couple of months, the portions will be just the size of the palm. But this is guaranteed only if you are fair to the vegetables.
Give them as much attention as they deserve! Be healthy and good luck in getting slim!