Hidden Calories do not Allow You to Lose Weight

Hidden Calories do not Allow You to Lose Weight
Modern dietetics refuses daily calorie counting, considering this method of weight loss is outdated and not quite correct. However, the food energy intensity of the products has not been canceled, and we all know that any food has a calorie. And it is high-calorie dishes for slimmers especially dangerous. It happens that a person, wanting to lose weight, limits himself in carbohydrates and fats, but the weight is in place.

Panic begins: what am I doing wrong?Panic Girl In fact, everything is simple: unnoticed for ourselves, we eat a lot of hidden calories, which have a high energy intensity, and therefore, nourishing the body, do not allow it to use the stored fat, i.e. to lose weight.

So let's check out where the hidden calories are hidden.
  1. The first place is occupied by bread. A lot has been said about it, but still, most people can not or do not want to give up bread in favor of a slim figure. But it often happens that with soup or meat a person eats a piece, and then reaches for another and another. Sitting down at the table, you should clearly understand that you will not eat more than a quarter of black bread. And don't cut off the extra hunk. Just get the bread out of sight. And if you can do without bread,  do not eat it at all! Eat dietary soup, meat without garnish with useful vegetables, but not bread with unnecessary simple carbohydrates!
  2. The second place, of course, sugar in tea/coffee. We drank as a snack coffee with a piece of cheese and think that a protein snack brought only benefit, and two spoons of sugar in a mug are forgotten, just put out it of habit. That's sugar that spoiled quite a useful snack! Remember, sweets (including sugar in tea) can only be in the morning!
Fruits are in third place
Fruits After all, so often we eat them for dessert! Ate soup, fish, vegetables, etc. and for some reason ate it all with apple, plum or worse — banana! Fruits contain a very large amount of sugar — fructose, which is quickly digested. But the stomach is full of food! What to do with fruits that are designed to be digested in 20 minutes? Don't eat fruit for dessert! The fruit is a separate meal, a snack or a second breakfast. And in any case do not eat the fruit in the evening, thinking that they are harmless to the figure.

Next, are the sauces: 
  • mayonnaise, 
  • ketchup, 
  • cheese, 
  • garlic and other, mottled on the shelves of supermarkets. 
Moreover, mayonnaise is almost the most innocuous in terms of composition.  And everything would be fine if these sauces were made at home from quality ingredients rather than transgenic fats. Give them up and use:
  • horseradish
  • mustard
  • lemon juice
  • homemade sauces
And remember that spicy sauces increase appetitespicy sauces
The next point is the vegetable oils. 
Vegetable oil itself does not pose a threat to the figure, but we do not drink them in its pure form and season them with food. So, the slimmers give up animal fats in favor of vegetable oils meanwhile, vegetable oil is the leader in calories: 900 kcal per 100 g. Watch out for how much vegetable oil you add to salads, buckwheat or stewed vegetables. And try to eat unrefined oils (olive, sesame, corn, etc.), just do not fry on them.

It is a shame, but the list of hidden calories also includes seeds and nuts,  dried fruits and candied fruit. Seeds and nuts are very caloric, eat them as a snack without other food! Don't think that a glass of seeds at 10 p.m. will not harm your figure! As for dried fruits and even more than candied fruits, they have so much sugar that during weight loss they should not be remembered at all, except in the morning and then strictly dosed.