6 Basic Mistakes That Make Persons When Losing Weight

6 Basic Mistakes That Make Persons When Losing Weight
Mistakes that make losing weight persons:
1. Ignore vegetable fats. Fat needed! it is impossible without them! There is oil in the car for the engine to work, so our engine needs it.

2. At the same time, saturated fats overeat: when cooking meat, vegetables, fish, use cheese, sour cream.

3. Drink a few drinks of water, replacing it with other drinks. Watch the amount of water in the diet. Try to get at least 1 liter of liquid from water, the rest: herbal tea, rosehip, mineral water.

4. Don't have dinner. Refusing to eat is a common occurrence when a person wants to speed up weight loss. It is dangerous because, not getting the right amount of nutrients, the body will still ask you for food, but in the form of something fast and unnecessary.

5. Replace sweets with dried fruits and fruits in large quantities. This is probably the very first mistake of all. The body does not care where sugar comes from: from candy or fruit. It will take it and send the surplus where it needs to go. That's why everything is strictly dosed.

6. Sugar substitute instead of sugar. This paragraph is related to the previous one. First, by replacing sugar you are trying to deceive your body, and in fact, you are deceiving yourself. You do not get rid of sweets and are still dependent on it. When you do not have a sugar substitute at hand, you will eat regular sugar and desserts, because the body will require a familiar portion of sweet taste. Because sweet taste is associated with pleasure. Secondly, sugar substitutes cannot be called harmless.  It is easy to do without sweets, and sometimes, for example, to treat yourself to a small piece of something that you want to try.