A Food Diary Will Help You Get Slim

A Food Diary Will Help You Get Slim
Today, almost every second slimming person starts a food diary. What is this, fashion trend or really useful thing in matters of losing weight and gaining a beautiful figure?

Nutritionists advise you to write down your menu
When we wonder how to lose weight, we often do not see the true cause of excess weight. It seems that we do not eat much as well, but we still have excess weight. That's how you need to start a diary. Let it be a beautiful notebook. It doesn't have to be a piece of paper or a half-used school notebook. You should like your diary. Each time you pick it up, you will experience an aesthetic pleasure. the process of losing weight will go easier with this feeling.

So you've got a diary?
Start tomorrow to write down everything you eat in your notebook. Write a number at the top of the page, and then every little thing that you send to your mouth for hours and minutes.

For example:
  • 7.00 — glass (250 g) of water
  • 7.20 — a sandwich with rye bread, butter, and cheese.
  • 7.20 — black tea (300 g mug) with three spoons of sugar, a bar of milk chocolate, two oat biscuits.
  • 8.00 — tea with two candies (at work)
  • 8.15. — glass of water
  • 8.55 — one candy (caramel)
By writing down all the details, you can see where the unnecessary calories are collected, which does not allow you to lose weight.

How to keep a diary?
At first, it should be taken everywhere. At work, at lunchtime, you can always make a few notes in a small notebook.
Don't be tempted to write down your menu in the evenings, when it would seem that there are time and time to eat, and you are not going to eat until tomorrow. You will certainly miss some little thing, not small for the figure: half candy, eaten for a child, or juice, a bun eaten in a hurry, while standing at a stop, etc. write down your menu at every opportunity.

Plus for losing weight
By keeping a food diary, you can also track how much water you drink, what you eat most often before lunch and what in the evening. Which meal is the most abundant? Where to make adjustments.

What else can be written in a diary?In addition to the details of your diet in the diary, you can record the volumes of the waist, chest, and hips, which you have to measure every two weeks. You can record the amount of exercise, walking time and much, much more. Among the slimmers there are those who write an approximate menu for the day and even for a week, trying not to retreat from the chosen products. If you are addicted to sweets,  you can write on the first page of your notebook: Monday, Wednesday, Friday — 1 candy in the morning. Or: sweets twice a week. So you can set yourself any conditions and follow them. You can also write down the conclusions that were eaten too much at the end of each day, what was missing, what is better to exclude.
The diary will make it easier for you to cope with your desires, addictions and even laziness.