New Habits of Proper Nutrition - The Beginning of Slimness

New Habits of Proper Nutrition - The Beginning of Slimness
Healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition reach an increasing number of people. Fortunately, we are finally beginning to understand that healthy food and physical activity are the main components of health, beauty, and longevity. But habits that have been put down over the years, as well as food illiteracy, put a person at a standstill. How to start to change food, how to start to lose weight, what to throw out of the diet, and what to add — these are the first questions that are asked by people wanting to change their diet. There are the main components of your future success on the way to slimness and recovery.

First of all, start having breakfast And even if you've had breakfast before, start having breakfast properly! Not rolls and a cup of instant coffee, but food rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. This is the basis of proper nutrition. Don't like porridge? Eat the right sandwiches, omelet with vegetables, curd casseroles. The concept of porridge is very stretchy. You can make porridge on milk, and you can make with meat added.

Stop eating 1-2 times a day and start eating normally!
Rare meals are a direct route to weight gain. The body, exhausted by hunger, will begin to wisely leave about the stock of eaten food. Of course, snacks should not be made from chocolate bars and chips. Proper nutrition is natural yogurts, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Don't eat in the evening as if it were the last meal of your life!
This paragraph is inextricably linked to the previous two. If you live all day hungrily, the evening of gluttony is provided to you. If you overeat in the evenings, in the morning a piece will not fit into your throat. And, of course, if you want to lose weight, eat balanced food in the evenings: vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Less saturated fat, less fried and salted food.

Learn how to salt properly
There is a lot of debate about salt. Avid salt lovers claim that salt is vital to man! In fact, the body needs sodium, which is contained in salt, as well as in a number of other products: meat, vegetables, etc. No! Proper nutrition does not require such sacrifices. Just cut back on 1/3 of your salt intake, and that's fine!

Say no to simple carbohydrates
And if we leave salt in the diet, then simple carbohydrates would be good to exclude, especially if you want to lose weight. Simple carbohydrates are also called empty, useless and fat. It is not for nothing that they got such names. They are, of course, not empty, because they carry energy, but will your muscles spend this very energy or it will be put off by a heavy reserve in fat cells again?

Start drinking water Let your body drink. And not tea, coffee or lemonade, which is especially harmful, and ordinary water. Start drinking and soon you will notice positive changes. Your body seems to come to life! Of course, one drink will not get rid of excess weight, but some percent of excess fluid can definitely be lost. Afraid to drink an extra sip of water, thinking that it will settle under the eyes or on the feet? Minimize salt and start drinking!