How Not to Overeat When You are Very Hungry?

How Not to Overeat When You are Very Hungry?
Who did not meet such a situation: ate a long time ago, had no time to eat properly... And in the evening you break into the kitchen and grab everything that you meet. After 10 minutes you realize that you got burned (otherwise you can not say, sorry!). Such situations happened to all at least once. In a state of severe hunger, a person really has little control over how much and what he eats. Remember how you want to buy everything in the store that you should not when your stomach is empty.

This is especially true for men... That is why it is advised not to go to the store hungry. But that's not what we're talking about right now... What to do when such hunger comes in the evening after work and how not to overeat?

So... You came home, quickly washed your hands and changed your clothes and rushed to the kitchen in the blissful thought that you can relax and eat. But the voice inside says the first salad, then the main course. So right for the figure! And it seems that everything for salad is, but stomach reduces hungry pains from the thought that it should be cooked in another 15 minutes.

Well, don't torture yourself at all. Action plan:
  • 1. When you come home before you go to change, drink a glass of water. The feeling of hunger will decrease by 10-20% at least for a while.
  • 2. After dressing up and before cutting the salad, take any vegetable and eat just so outside the salad. And while you chew cucumber/tomato, you can start to prepare a salad. One vegetable is not enough? Eat another one and another one. It's good to eat a lettuce leaf. Maybe you won't need a salad anymore. This is not a tricky way to immediately reduce the feeling of hunger by another 30%.
  • 3. And then, after the vegetables, sit down at the table. You can't get over eat physically. And even if you think that overeat, remember that half of the stomach is occupied by vegetables, not potatoes, meat, cheese, and rolls-candy-nuts.
  • This method is tested and works. It is important only to remember it. Water and vegetables are always the first helpers of slender people and those who aspire to slimness.
  • And always remember about snacks.