Why I eat as usual, and the weight grows?

Why I eat as usual, and the weight grows?
About fats, which are sometimes so invisible...
Some time ago there was a carbohydrate revolution — people got hooked on a carbohydrate-free diet and followed it blindly and at random. We won't discuss what happened now. That's not what I want to say. Everyone realized that carbohydrates need a strict norm,  but! At the same time forgot about fats.

I often hear that people intercept a piece of cheese in the evening or during the day instead of sweets and cookies, fermented milk drink, yogurt, nuts, seeds. It seems that the portion is minuscule and even imperceptible in the stomach, and it is sometimes even forgotten. But! It is worth paying attention to how much fat is in this small portion.

Everyone knows that there is a keto diet, according to which the menu is very rich in fats, but there are no carbohydrates and little full-fledged protein. Dear readers, I  can assure you that this diet was not designed for weight loss, it is a therapeutic diet that is given for a while in certain (serious) health conditions. The first cause is epilepsy. It is as wrong to lose weight on this diet as on any other restrictive diet.

There is only one diet that gives both the result, and the retention of the result, and the improvement of health indicators, and excellent well-being, and the rise of emotional state. It is a healthy diet, balanced, moderate and full. Unfortunately, the information about proper nutrition is now so much distorted that, frankly I need to prove that proper nutrition is not a restriction, it is just healthy food in reasonable (you need) quantities! And do not say that potatoes or pasta, or pork — it's bad... It is important to understand what your task is — to lose weight or not, and to give yourself a portion, and a combination of products.