Eating in the heat and why the weight does not go away?

Eating in the heat and why the weight does not go away?
Often I am asked the same question: why in the heat I  do not lose weight, although I do not want to eat!
What happens in the heat?

When it's hot outside, we're often not comfortable. Heat for the body is stress! Much more than the cold. During the day, when the sun is scorching, we do not want to eat warm food, do not want to eat meat and fatty, sometimes do not want to eat the usual food. I want to drink more and move at least.

What do we eat in the heat?heat sea And at this time, we begin to change the diet, switching to short snacks-interceptions, choosing what we want, not what we need.  It's not bad when you approach your diet wisely, but unfortunately, reasonable eating is a complicated thing that needs to be learned long and persistently.
So, what do we eat and drink, most often when we're hot?

Berries and fruits are leaders in quenching thirst and hunger.Berries and fruits
  •     Cold soups (crumb, beetroot, Lithuanian cold soup, etc.)
  •     Cold sandwiches "whipped up" often with sausage (it's cold)
  •     Drinking yogurts with a sweet filling
  •     Ice cream
  •     We drink  lemonade, morsels, and other industrial drinks, on the label of which is written "FREE OF SUGAR" — what is a huge guile
  •     Another option: all day do not eat anything until the exhausting heat subsides.
Recognize yourself on any points? There is nothing wrong with this list, at first glance, but if you look closely, the leader in this list is sugar! (excluding cold soups). Eaten ice cream will not give satiety and gravity in the stomach, however, it also will not give the feeling of freshness. It seems to be an instant pleasure (for lovers of sweets), but it is fleeting and without a train. Meanwhile, the body received a portion of sugar and surrogate fat, because in our century all ice cream is made on a substitute for milk fat, not butter...

But let's leave ice cream, let's say about berries and fruits — healthy and tasty fruits of nature, which also contain a lot of sugar, though natural. Of course, you need to eat them! But in moderation. Berries do not give a sense of satiety, they can be chewed unnoticed all day. By the evening, when the heat drops, you will perform and exceed their sugar norm, but do not give yourself a protein. In addition, berries inflame the appetite very much and, when the grueling sun is hidden, you will start to go to the kitchen in search of "normal" food and, of course, eat. You can even eat too much because the body will always take its own. That's how it works — survival instinct!   

The same thing happens when you sit on drinks all day or do not eat at all. A cool evening will come and you will naturally want to eat. And you'll eat more than you need for tonight. And the body will put everything that can put on other hungry days. Because fat cells don't sleep!

That's why losing weight in the heat does not work! In the daytime ice cream (only 1 piece), a plate of berries and a glass of lemonade. The stomach is empty all day, and the energy is not enough. The evening comes, and you eat normally.  

How to eat when it's hot? Balanced! Just rearrange your food from hot to cool and no less satisfying, but less energy-intensive. For example, in the morning porridge is not boiled, and filled with greek yogurt. The sandwich is not with meat, but with fish and vegetables instead of cheese. At lunch, cold soup and a portion of fresh vegetable salad with fragrant oil. Or just vegetables and a little whole grain grits;  natural curd and strawberries. You can make a fruit and berry salad with yogurt or any fermented milk drink at lunch. For lunch, this dish is very suitable!

Make smaller portions than always, so as not to fill your stomach "up to the top." Being in the heat in a state of mild hunger is not even bad!

For dinner, give yourself something that was not at lunch or make it quite easy: vegetables — protein omelet, vegetables — fish/seafood, you can also eat cold soup or cottage cheese not very high fat. But it is better to give up from berries and fruits in the evening.

What to drink and how much?
Drink not sugary drinks and morsels! Drink mineral water and plain clean water. Drink herbal teas, rosehip broth, dried fruit broth. Drink as much as possible during the day! Drink water and herbal tea in the evening. But refuse any sweet drinks! They don't quench the thirst. They're treacherous enemies! At first, it seems that the drink helped to relieve fatigue and heat, and after 10-15 minutes you will want to drink again!

What to do when you do not want to eat at all?  
If you can not tolerate the heat so much that you are just physically a little alive and cannot eat at all, then do not eat! But, most importantly, drink more fluids. Morsels and compote of dried fruits with ice, mineral water (can be carbonated). But when night comes, you have to hold yourself in your hands! If you are overweight, then hold the evening on a light ration, limited to vegetables and protein omelet, or vegetables and a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese.  Think of these hot days as unloading, not as suffering!