Soup for Weight Loss... Is it Useful for Those Who Want to Lose and Keep the Weight?

Soup for Weight Loss... Is it Useful for Those Who Want to Lose and Keep the Weight?
A lot of weight losing persons, and those who just try to eat right to keep the weight in normal, ignore the entrees. Soup, whatever it is (let's not talk about the soup of five types of sausage) is a wonderful low-calorie dish, which contains proteins, fats carbohydrates and a number of vitamins and minerals. And since we often cook vegetable soups, the soups have a lot of dietary fiber in the form in which they act on the digestive organs in the most gentle way, without losing its usefulness! After all medical tables always contain entrees.

What soup is made of?
The very first component of the soup is the broth,  and it creates volume in our stomach and, therefore, gives a feeling of satiety, and therefore it is difficult to eat too much! This is very good for those who find it difficult to control portions, it is difficult not to overeat.
Typically, these are beginners of losing weight. I advise cooking light, vegetable, mushroom, fish or meat or chicken soups. These entries are the best for you.

Soup diets

There are whole soup diets. And I studied this question. And then a group of volunteers agreed to sit on soups with me. I developed a soup menu for a  woman overweight over 20kg, a soup diet for a petite woman (an extra 3kg) and a soup menu for myself (a healthy weight-maintenance menu). The results are extraordinary.

Here is an excerpt from the review of a woman with a lot of weight:
I didn't like soups, but I decided to try it. I had to ask my husband to cook, then began to study the recipes myself... The first week was difficult, but when the weights were minus 3200 kg, I was inspired! Today it is about 11 kg. The main thing is that I did not feel hunger ever, although the first days after the soup for dinner wanted to eat a ram or gingerbread. I think it's a nasty habit to chew something because when you chew, it seems that you are not nervous... Turns out you're more nervous about being fat than working. Now I eat breakfast as I want, soup at lunch, the second dish, and for dinner vegetables and soup and ... I'm happy.

A girl with a small weight dropped about 2 kg in 3 weeks of the experiment. It's a great result! So, my dear readers, don't ignore the soups!

Are soups useful?
And now about why soups are so useful and which soups are the most useful? Of course, soups on the broth of vegetables, potatoes, cereals, legumes, and even pasta! A lot of vitamins and minerals go into the water while cooking, so you get the double benefit! You can add separately cooked meat, fish. You can add a spoonful of sour cream or natural yogurt. You can cook meat soups, but preferably with meat without bones and a bird without skin! You can cook fish and mushroom soups, dairy, cheese and even sweet. There is a lot of diversity, so you can always experiment with it. The main thing is to set a goal!

And one more piece of advice for those who cook soups on meat. Drain the first water after boiling, especially if you use a bird from the store. Do not cook for a week in advance and do not cook rich meat and fish soups with sour cream.

Light soups are the best choice for any problems with the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity, fatty hepatosis, postoperative conditions, exhaustion, in children's nutrition.