How Useful Fruit and harmless are when losing weight?

How Useful Fruit and harmless are when losing weight?
Most people love fruits, considering them gifts of nature. And only a few of them say that the fruit is unnecessarily sweet and not quite suitable for their digestion. It is wrong to say that some people are right and the others are wrong. Fruits should be treated soberly, however, as well as any other food...

Fruits, as a rule, contain fructose and glucose, and this explains their sweet taste. And by this, they are not different from any other sweetness. But, of course, you can't equate fruit with candy! Candy, cakes, cookies, etc. (in today's century by 99%) contain transgenic fats, which explains their longevity, fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which gives the title of "useful/live" food. But is fruit really useful?

To understand the meaning that I want to convey to you, I will give this adjacent example: muscles need a load, it is with it they are healthy, active and give our body a beautiful relief. But what happens if the muscles overload? The body falls into stress, accumulates water, decay products; the heart begins to suffer, the person is tired and no longer feels healthy. The same can be said for any useful product! Start overeating it and instead of a friend, the quite useful product becomes the no.1 enemy for your body!

And fruits just among such products. They give the body a portion of "fast" energy, but do not give a long feeling of satiety. so they're easy to eat. In addition, most people are addicted to sweet taste, and therefore deceive themselves, believing that they have overcome this addiction, giving up candy and switching to fruits and dried fruits. In fact, they just changed one sweetness to another... But now it's not about the sweet tooth, it's about fruit.

So the fruit easy to overeat. And where to put the glucose that is in them, if your energy pantries are full? Of course, in fat! And do not think that the apple is something safer for the figure than half of the candy. The body doesn't care where the sugar comes from. If it is not spent on the energy needs of the body, it means it goes to stocks. Therefore, my lovely slimming women, do not prevent yourself from losing weight, eating in the evening apricots and apples.

Portion size
As for portions, a healthy (not overweight) person can eat 200-300 grams of fruit per day, not to harm the body, but on the contrary, to bring benefits! If there are problems with digestive organs, diabetes and excess weight, the fruit is limited and it is necessary to know about it. You don't need to give them up at all, because the benefits of fruit are obvious, it is in vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants! It is important to rely on the state of your health and not to exceed the daily norm.