Low-Fat Dairy Products List

Low-Fat Dairy Products List
Who at least once in his life did not use milk 1% fat, low-fat cottage cheese, and lean bioyogurt?
Everyone knows the desire to somehow reduce the fat content of their diet. And for some reason, dairy products are blacklisted in the first place. Our nutritionist will tell us about the benefits and harms of low-fat dairy products.

What is skimmed milk?
If you've ever seen milk run through a separator, you could see firsthand what's left after the cream is separated from the milk. It's not a completely edible, whey-like substance. That's the milk 0-0.5% fat. Milk with a fat content of 1% is not too different. What do we buy in the store? It is quite a decent white milk with a pleasant taste. Dry milk powder helps producers to achieve this. But we want to buy a perfectly useful natural product! And that's what it says on the box!

Low-fat cottage cheeseLow-fat cottage cheese And if everything is clear with milk, low-fat cottage cheese is an even bigger question mark. Skimmed cottage cheese, if it is natural, so sour that it is simply impossible to eat it without sugar, and if not poisonous in taste, it is rich in various additives: starch, thickener, sweetener, etc. But we buy low-fat cottage cheese in order to reduce the overall fat content of the diet and lose weight. Starch, sugar and other inedible additives are not part of our plans.

YogurtsYogurtsThey are also filled with normal fat and a whole bunch of "E" and low-fat is simply not suitable for consumption. Love yogurt? Either buy without additives or learn to make yourself from fatty milk.

Low-fat dairy products for weight loss
And now about losing weight. Dairy products of normal and high fat will not be put on your sides if you do not eat them with bread, jam, and sugar. Remember this as an axiom. And low-fat dairy products are so crammed with additives that they simply abound with easily digestible carbohydrates. Eating low-fat yogurt or buttermilk at night, you think you're getting thinner, and you're actually making yourself worse.

Calcium and other vitamins in dairy products
Often low-fat dairy products enriched with calcium artificially in order to attract customers. However, do not be too mistaken on this. As scary as it may sound, calcium is poorly absorbed from dairy products. To do this, it needs a special acidic environment. Therefore, if you have a calcium deficiency, you can not do without medical treatment and consultation of a competent specialist.
But it is worth knowing that dairy products are rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, which are not digested without fat! It turns out that dairy products are most useful in their original form: enriched with fats.

Tip from a nutritionist
If you like dairy products, do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat delicious cottage cheese with the fat of at least 5%, drink buttermilk, fill vegetable salad and with a spoon of greasy sour cream, even eat cream. Just don't add sugar, fruit, and jam. Don't eat it all with bread and cookies. That's not dietary at all.