The main secret of slenderness is… How to be slim?

The main secret of slenderness is… How to be slim?
Oh, lovely women, remember what wise psychologists tell us? 
If you want your loved ones to be happy, be happy first of all! Since I was a kid, I've seen my mom look after herself. My mom always had face cream, a charging mat, and a half-empty plate! Nothing has changed today! My mother still lives by this principle! Do you think there were no shocks, misfortunes or stresses in her life? Unfortunately, she was not spared the worst that can happen in the life of a woman, mother... But she never let herself give up!

Today, of course, it's easier for her. 
I can tell her how to be treated if something is wrong; how to take vitamins, what to eat or not to eat. She has a personal nutritionist — that's what our friends think. And I can say that everything is different — I have a personal mega-motivator. I'm not leading her, she's following me... You don't think she and I are prone to gaining excess fat? How inclined! We can start to get better from one smell of food. We have many overweight relatives, all women, who have not yet stood up for me!

Girls, this is a lyrical digression.
But I want you to see that each of you can and should be — a motivator and an example to your children! We have to be their guide, otherwise, where do they go? Who? Who will consecrate their way up to a certain point? No one but you — mothers and grandmothers!

As it happened from nature, women are prone to gaining excess weight. This is our protective function for the realization of the main thing — the birth of offspring. But this excess weight has become very superfluous... Living conditions, nutrition, stress, poor health became factors that made once plump ladies ugly obese. And that's what takes away our happiness! Well, we can't live fully, feeling uncomfortable in our own body! We begin to be shy, hide behind hoodies, go into the shadow of our own lives. Of course, this problem is in the head (oh, as we psychologists like to say it! We're just food slaves. It's true and it has to be accepted! And our children become their slaves. Because children copy us, and in adolescence reject us — our habits and behavior. Hence the chubby girls become anorexic teenagers with the wrong attitude to food.

Dear readers, get yourself in your hands! Just take it and that's it! 
Finally, challenge yourself and those folds of fat that you don't accept or love! When you have the flu or intestinal infection you are fighting the disease! Being overweight is a much more terrible virus than ARD! It's a bullet that hits the defeated, it just flies a little longer. But no one knows when it will achieve its goal! And it'll certainly do it. Remember the deadly quartet: hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and their king — obesity ... It's scary and no one is safe from it! Get slim! Slender every minute of your life! It's never too late to start, continue or resume!

You will lose weight if today decide to take this step — to start! Just get started! Without grandiose plans, without thoughts "and how will tomorrow be," without fear that there will come a "disruption." Why do you think about it? It may not happen, right?!