Everyone Needs to Know About Body Cleansing

Everyone Needs to Know About Body Cleansing
I want to clarify a few points about today's fashionable bowel cleansing (or even worse, cleaning the liver and gallbladder!). First of all, it is impossible to clean the liver at all! The liver is an organ that (if it is healthy!) restores itself after, for example, errors in food! I repeat: it is simply impossible to clean the liver!

If you want to facilitate the work of this organ, then give up what is a poison for the liver: alcohol, food with a lot of chemical additives: sausages, pate, etc.; food rich in transgenic fats — candy, cakes, and alcohol.

Now about cleaning the gallbladder!
If this organ is healthy, the bile is released naturally in response to meals. It is unnecessary to artificially increase its outflow! If the organ is not healthy (precipitation, stones, etc.), then, especially, to clean the gallbladder is fraught not only for health but also for life! You should consult a gastroenterologist before taking bile teas, smoothies and so on.

And now the most interesting thing, the intestines! 
So cleaning this organ without the need can bring to serious problems with microflora. Proper nutrition, a sufficient amount of dietary fiber and water, normalizes the natural daily cleansing of the intestines, while dietary fibers also nourish our beneficial bacteria! No other cleaning is needed anymore! If a person suffers from constipation, his task is to normalize the stool. You need to be examined to find out the cause of the ailment! Because not only an unbalanced diet can cause constipation, but also diseases of the intestines, pancreas and even gallstones!

As you can see, the digestive organs are all interconnected, they work in a single team to protect your health! And you're upsetting this system with your own hands. First, to please the taste preferences, absorbing dead food. And then to please the restless brain — gaining weight, and wanting to lose weight overnight, begin to clean your body incomprehensible, striking the long-suffering digestive organs "blow under the breath"!

Friends, be reasonable! 
Remember that our body can cleanse itself, recover and reconfigure, you just need to love it a little more and sometimes help! When you do detox cleaning, you don't get rid of fat — it's important to remember! But after such programs fat is added, because the body is under stress, and stress — the ideal ground for excess weight, diseases and bad mood.