Mistakes that make people while losing weight

Mistakes that make people while losing weight
The other 5 most popular mistakes
1. They're eating up for the kids! Girls, which one of us didn't have that? There's a little bit of a little, there's a teaspoon of tea... Who has small children, see how many carbohydrates in a regular baby puree (just look for help!). My husband makes sports drinks (isotonic) because they have a lot of carbohydrates that are easy to digest! It's good for an athlete, but for us girls who need to watch the weight not very well.

2. Replace cottage cheese curd with mass without sugar, but with raisins/vanilla and other. It's a manufacturer's deception. In such masses, there is the lowest-grade cottage cheese, often with a substitute for milk fat — trans fats!

3. Drink instead of useful natural coffee a soluble, sublimated, capsule, which is bad! Because soluble coffee is among the most surrogate harmful drinks!

4. They give up oatmeal in the morning. Oatmeal for many is associated with something not tasty, kindergarten, dietary. In fact, oatmeal can be quite tasty! Don't like it like porridge? Eat like a mousse, with milk/kefir/yogurt, etc. We do not like but it is a treasure trove of vitamins. Girls, don't indulge your body in its food cravings. You've done enough and what has it led to? These habits have not multiplied either the beauty of the figure nor health. We are here to correct these mistakes, learning new correct things!

5. And now a little psychology! The main mistake is to perceive your weight loss as a deprivation/denial/temporary phenomenon that needs to be tolerated... And the conversations of others often accompany this! Don't believe anyone but your own reflection in the mirror! Losing weight is an acquisition, like an expensive long-awaited purchase! This is a return to yourself — to that happy girl, which you hid under the weight of life circumstances (fears, prohibitions, etc.).