Problems with Losing Weight, While Eating Properly and Going to Gym

Problems with Losing Weight, While Eating Properly and Going to Gym
I am 50 years old, weighing 80 kg and 164 cm tall. I used to weigh 65 kg, then gained 15 kg. At the same time I eat right, I go to the gym. What's the big deal?

Continuation of the letter:
  1. Fast food
  2. mayonnaise
  3. ketchup
  4. sausages
  5. rice
  6. pasta
  7. potatoes have not been eaten for 2 years
I eat black bread, white — only sometimes
  • I eat a lot of dairy products. I eat a lot of fruit every day. I don't eat enough vegetables.
  • I do not use sugar and baking.
Breakfast: 1 glass of water with 1 lemon juice. Minutes after 10-20 cup of coffee sometimes with milk, then oatmeal with milk: no more than 4-5 spoons.
Snack (10 a.m.): A glass of water, then an apple -2 pieces and 2-3 pieces of persimmons.  In the summer there were grapes, watermelon, melon.
12 a.m. again water and again apples, persimmons and other fruits. Sometimes soup or kebab, or buckwheat with meat. But I don't always have lunch.

14 p.m: 1 cup of yogurt often with bread, without it it does not work.
16 p.m: Cottage cheese, cheese, kefir or meat.
15.30 p.m: Training in the gym for 1 hour for 4 days a week.
19-20 p.m: Dinner: meat or cottage cheese, or eggs with bread.
After 20 p.m: I try not to eat. However, I do not follow the size of the portions.
  • I drink water, coffee, and cocoa with milk, I do not drink sugary drinks.
  • I have been following such a food regime for almost a year.
  • I've been going to the gym. Before that I was engaged in volleyball, in the summer I work a lot in the garden. I can't lose weight, and if I put my hands down, the weight starts to grow.
How to adjust your diet? In this diet, there is an increase in the amount of food in the evening. Remember the saying: eat breakfast yourself, have lunch with a friend, give dinner to the enemy. That's the principle you need to eat to keep a slim figure. Although most people just eat more in the afternoon. And the weight either does not go away or, on the contrary, is added.

In this case, you need to follow the following points:
Breakfast is more important. Alternate porridge with protein breakfasts. One day porridge, the other — omelet, cottage cheese or fish. Try to eat enough at breakfast.

The amount of fruit consumed should be reduced. Fruits contain a lot of sugar (fructose). Excessive consumption of fruit, just like sugar, leads to weight gain and even the development of serious diseases such as diabetes. It is clear from the letter that the woman has a lot of fruit. Perhaps it is the fruit that does not allow to lose weight. Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of fruit eaten. If you eat apples, eat two and that's it. There's no more fruit in this meal. Eat fruit to only before lunch!

There are no vegetables in this diet. It's not good. Vegetables normalize your weight, improving the work of the gastrointestinal organs. Here you just need to add vegetables into the diet. Let the vegetables become a garnish to the meat. For example, for dinner meat should be eaten not with cereals and bread, but with vegetable salads.

Protein food must not be eaten with simple carbohydrates. That is, cottage cheese, meat, fish, do not eat it with bread! Especially after 2 p.m., This is just a stumbling block on your way to slimness. The menu above has a lot of bread! Moreover, the author admits that she does not monitor the size of the portions! This means that there can be a lot of bread!

Try to eat before 7 p.m.Formany people, it is difficult to give up bread, because eating everything with bread is a habit coming from childhood. Vegetables help a lot in this case. For those who want to lose weight and just keep the figure in good condition, it is recommended to eat as many vegetables as possible. It's ideal to do it at lunch and for dinner. Sit down at the table and start your meal with a vegetable salad and not with two spoons, but a normal portion. And then there's the rest of the food.  But the bread should disappear from your table! Some ladies were able to lose weight only by giving up bread.
The author of the letter is engaged in sports, which is a very huge plus because physical activity increases the rate of metabolism. By following the above-mentioned dietary corrections, you can achieve good results in weight loss.