How to eat properly? Raw Vegetables for Weight Loss

How to eat properly? Raw Vegetables for Weight Loss
Vegetables are a real diet pill. They both cleanse the intestines, and improve the pancreas, and give a long feeling of satiety, and relieve the addiction to sweets... But how to eat raw vegetables, to take maximum benefit for those who want to lose weight?

We prefer raw vegetables
Of course, you may have not only raw vegetables in your diet.  A third of the vegetable diet can be replaced with stewed or boiled vegetables. But for weight loss, it is still necessary to focus on raw vegetables. They have more fiber and vitamins, and the glycemic index in, for example, raw carrots is much lower than in boiled.

Vegetable diet for the day may look like this
Replace garnish for raw and stewed vegetables, and weight loss is guaranteed. And it is necessary to diversify the sauce for dressing salads for not to be tired of vegetables. And the combination of the vegetables themselves is so diverse that you can eat a new vegetable mix every day.

Vegetables can cause flatulence and even constipation
It rarely happens, but it does happen. Some slimming persons, dramatically complain that they have problems with the digestion.
This is due to the fact that the fiber, which is contained in vegetables and bran, swells in the intestines, absorbing water. It takes up a lot of space, and the body is forced to get rid of it, and at the same time from the products of decay, which fiber collects from the walls of the intestines. Fiber acts here as a broomstick. However, if the long-suffering body lacks fluid, i.e. you drink little clean water, constipation can happen. Therefore, those who did not eat vegetables before the diet should introduce them to the diet gradually. Eat vegetables once a day or even every second day, and then more often. You can also use other proven methods for constipation, such as 5 minutes of proper breathing.

And so, how to eat raw vegetables
Twice a day, and if you want — more. Strictly before eating like a diet pill. First — vegetables, then — other food. There should be a lot of vegetables! Imagine a bowl of soup full of vegetable salad... This is the smallest portion. Gradually you will get so used to the vegetable diet that a day without vegetables will seem to you unusual. Get worse!

Excluding simple carbohydrates, introducing vegetables into the diet and refusing to eat 4 hours before bedtime, will help you to lose 5 kg in two weeks, and to lose a lot of weight in six months.