I'll Start Losing Weight from Monday

I'll Start Losing Weight from Monday
I'll start losing weight from Monday! Is that correct?
Now I'm going to eat this cake, and then I'm going on a diet! That's it, I've decided! I'll start losing weight on Monday! Тhat's what ever-thinner people think. Recognize yourself? Yes, all your adult life you lose weight: after the holiday, before the wedding, after the birth of children or to get into your favorite jeans... And some, indeed, manage to lose weight. And even it turns out to hold the weight. But these are the ones. Most often, those who lose weight from Monday or the first day of the new month, stay overweight forever! And this condition is extremely unhelpful for the nervous system. You just exhaust yourself by putting a cake in your mouth, but you feel guilty about it.

Why is it that way?
For many of you, food is not something that supports a person's physical condition, gives them life and energy to live. Food for you is something more: encouragement, stress medication, hobbies, a cure for boredom, etc.

Analyze when you eat sweets, bakes, and other "empty" calories. Most often, for dessert, over a cup of tea at work. Sometimes in the evening in front of the TV, often for a company with others or... Just like that... My eye caught and my hand stretched. You almost always eat what adds extra pounds not when hungry, but when you are full!

No one denies that food is fun! Yes, it should look aesthetically pleasing, bring joy, satisfy the taste! It's nice to gather with your family at the table and eat delicious quality food. But a constant desire to chew something is not the same thing!

Why do people lose weight from Monday?
Because we have to eat like at hunger or war for the last two or three days before Monday. "Breathe before you die" — that's what it's called! You need to finish the sausage, and even buy another bar ... When now I have to try it for me, the unfortunate starving....! You drink coffee with sweets and cookies and not with one or two, and all to finish!  It's all out of life! It is better not to resist and agree that it is.

It is not your fault. More often these are habits that are passed down from generation to generation. Our grandmothers did not know what is sausage, and when it first appeared on the shelves, it was a very different quality than now.

So sausage got on the holiday tables as a delicacy and rarity, not a regularity. People have developed an attitude to it as something tasty and good. What's a party? It's meetings, joy, smiles, communication. The human psyche is arranged in such a way that conducts associations in all. So there were associations that sausages, cakes and other "tastes" — it's a holiday. And even now, when the food revolution has laid out on the shelves of shops all that is possible, somewhere deep in the subconscious sausages are associated with the holiday and pleasure. But in fact, they and overeating — the main reasons for excess weight. An overweight person understands that to lose weight for a while it is better to give up these "food pleasures" and feels discomfort from it. That's why losing weight is always delayed until Monday. And, more often than not, delaying for later — it means never!

Every new Monday brings only even more nervous tension because it hasn't started. Stress... which should be blocked by joy and celebration: a sandwich with your favorite cheese or pie... And don't call it genes, lack of time and lack of willpower. It's just submission to food, it's the lack of hobbies other than food, it's moral dissatisfaction with your life, the fear of changing something and the crown of all this — laziness! Huge fat laziness!

Don't wait for Monday, dear slimming
That's why, if you are not satisfied with your weight, start not tomorrow, but today and now! Just take the first step and eat half of the meal, and leave the dessert aside. For dinner, make a salad instead of fried potatoes and a simple omelet. So step by step you will go forward. Do you think that the desired goal is so far away that you cannot reach? Don't forget: the road will be overpowered by walking!