Weight Gain is not a Reason for Panic

Weight Gain is not a Reason for Panic
In what cases the plus on the scales is natural and is not a reason to panic:
  1. 5-7 days before menstruation. Hormonal storms in the body cause fluid retention, provoke constipation, which gives weight gain, a feeling of swelling in the abdomen. On the 5th day of the period such an increase goes away, the stomach falls, and life again begins to play in bright colors!
  2. After the party,  the consumption of salty food and alcohol. this is especially noticeable for those who eat little salt and rarely drink alcohol in everyday life. Those who do it regularly, carry a sufficient amount of unnecessary fluid, and the increase of 500 g per night will not seem to them critical. But, nevertheless, alcohol always retains fluid in the body. Sodium (salt) is not discussed — everyone knows about it!
  3. After the shock load on the muscles. If yesterday was a hard physical activity, which is not familiar to the body, then the next day there will be weight gain. Muscles that are unaccustomed to the habit swell. After a day or two, everything comes back to normal.
  4. Stress and insomnia "preserve" our body, not wanting to waste energy, because when the body is ill, it is not up to weight loss! The body needs to save his strength to survive. By the way, sleepless nights at the computer even in a calm state is also stressful for the body!
  5. Obsession with weight loss! And this is pure psychology. When we are fixated on every 100 grams, when we are afraid not to eat something, and even to smell, our nervous system reacts as well as possible — it embodies our fears! That's why I do not get tired of repeating the same thing-do not get up on the scales every day! Once a week is enough to track the dynamics of changes in weight!
The second is to live life to the fullest
Food is not the most important thing in it. If there are hobbies and joys in your life, you will not have time to overeat! Teach yourself to seek the pleasures of life which are not about food.