What is the Risk of Severely Limited Food?

What is the Risk of Severely Limited Food?
I would like to talk about the amount of food during weight loss. How often people who want to lose weight strictly limit themselves in food. For example, remove not only unnecessary sweets, pastries, excessively fatty, etc., but also reduce meals, for example, eat a quick meager breakfast in the morning, ignore lunch and then dine just scantly or ignore dinner, limiting breakfast and lunch. It happens that the multiplicity of meals is maintained, but the quality of food, its composition becomes poor and ineffective. For example, fats or carbohydrates are removed from the diet, and the variety of food is reduced.

So, there is only chicken breast in their menu, fish is removed at all, and only buckwheat and maximum a spoon of oatmeal in the morning, and it is forgotten about bread and potatoes, entrees, seafood, as if this food suddenly became the source of all troubles. Such a diet (with a sharp restriction) is sometimes necessary, but only under the supervision of a specialist. Most often, people prescribe themselves a similar diet and the first time when the weight drops rapidly, they are very happy with the result.

I have written many times about rapid weight loss, so now I will not elaborate on it. Fast weight loss is the norm only at the beginning when the excess fluid goes away. Then the fat tissue begins to be used, and it can not go fast! This is the first, and the second — restrictive diet cannot give weight to the desired weight! One day you will start sounding the alarm! Nutrition is minimal, weight is still far from normal, and the process of losing weight has stopped!! And no matter how much you reduce the calorie intake of the daily diet, the weight stubbornly continues to stand still. This is the metabolic gridlock! If the body is young and healthy, it is not so difficult to bring it out of the metabolic gridlock, but if there are hormonal abnormalities, either there is menopause or limited motor activity, then to bring your body to normal exchange processes are much more difficult! That is why it is so important to organize your diet properly, especially at the beginning of weight loss.

Remove sweets with cream from the diet and stop eating after 19 o'clock in the evening. That's enough to start with! The weight loss should be started this way! And then, stage by stage, you need to rebuild all the other points of nutrition and lifestyle.
We all know that the main reasons for being overweight are the consumption of simple carbohydrates, overeating during the day and dense evening meals, so start your weight loss with correcting these mistakes!

If you recognize yourself in this post, then revise your diet:
  1. Analyze whether there are fats in your diet and how much. Remember that every day we should get both saturated and not saturated fats. Even when you are overweight, you should eat 0.8-1 g of fat per kg per.
  2. See how many complex carbohydrates you get from cereals, potatoes, legumes, bread. Are there carbohydrates on the table daily? Many people believe that carbohydrates — the main enemy of slimness and remove them from their diet. Almost always, this diet turns into trouble.
  3. Compare your diet and lifestyle. If you understand that you eat negligibly, the weight is worth, and there are also troubles in the form of hair loss, skin problems, constipation, lethargy, and apathy, it is better to consult a specialist. Don't wait for the endocrine system to fail, which can be irreversible! That's why be very careful starting to lose weight! Treat your body carefully. You gained weight, not for 1 week or a month, so do not try to lose it so quickly!