Mineral Water Helps to Lose Weight — Fiction or Truth?

Mineral Water Helps to Lose Weight — Fiction or Truth?
Mineral water is a favorite drink of many, especially those who want to lose weight because there is an opinion that mineral helps to find slimness. Is this real truth and how much to consume this healing drink per day?

Mineral water can be different: the dining room and therapeutic water
If you like the taste of this natural drink and have always in your diet, choose table mineral water. The content of mineral salts in it does not exceed the daily norm, and therefore such water is quite safe and even useful for health. As a rule, the label says drinking or table mineral water.

Another thing, if it is therapeutic mineral water. Such water is prescribed by doctors and necessarily as an adjunct in the treatment of any disease, for example, diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Drinking such water regularly without a doctor's testimony is not recommended. Depending on the composition of the therapeutic mineral water has an increased content of any element, which, according to the doctor, is needed now for your recovery. Assigning yourself mineral healing water yourself can be not dangerous. So the mineral can have a bile effect. Or it may be that you haven't been tested for a long time, and there are nocturnes (stones) in the gallbladder that cannot be removed with mineral water but can be moved.

Uncontrolled consumption of sulfate mineral water can disrupt the body's water-salt balance and even contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

That's why to be careful when choosing mineral water. And it is not necessary to drink constantly and instead of clean water.

Mineral water for weight loss?
There is an opinion that mineral water helps to lose weight, supposedly increasing the speed of metabolic processes. I It was noted that mineral water, thanks to its rich composition, not only quenches thirst, for example, in the heat but also strengthens it. That is, after a glass of mineral water after a while you will want to drink again.

How to drink mineral water?
Of course, you need to drink mineral water without gases. However, not everyone likes this drink. Bubble-deprived mineral water does not always taste good. However, for medicinal purposes drink only non-carbonated water.

If your health is good, you can sometimes drink carbonated mineral water. Just do not do it after a meal, otherwise, you are provided with a feeling of overcrowding in the stomach, belching and even heartburn.

Drink mineral water between meals. Carbonated mineral water can even deceive appetite for a while. But this feature has a downside: if your stomach really asks to eat, and it's time to eat, it's better to eat. But if, after a good dinner you want a sweet or a piece of sausage, then here the mineral water will not help you. Only a strong motivation to see the desired figure on the scales helps with such problems.

Therefore, you can cheat your appetite with mineral water, for example, during the evening, but no later than 2 hours before sleep. Or at a time when you can not eat normally, and the stomach is already rumbling of hunger.

Summing up, we can say that it is impossible to lose weight, using mineral water and not making any more steps. Only proper nutrition and physical activity are the keys to slimness.

And the last question:
How much mineral water can I drink during the day? That's good if you drink 1 liter of mineral water and the same amount of pure water a day. If the usual water will be twice as much — then fine. But do not start drinking a lot at once, do it gradually.