Are You Still Counting Calories to Lose Weight?

Are You Still Counting Calories to Lose Weight?
Calorie counters today have become one of the most popular mobile apps. I'd love to. It seems to have entered the database your breakfasts, lunches and dinners and the daily calorie content of the diet has already been calculated! It remains only to make adjustments and get slim!

However, it is not so simple! As soon as a person "gets off" with calorie counting, his weight starts to rise again! It turns out that calorie counting of the diet does not work?

How to calculate calories?
There are calorie tables of foods. And what is most interesting — in each source calories of the same product varies so much that it seems that today almost every second writes calorie tables by himself! I did a study: after studying different sources, I found that trout fish has a calorie content of 100 kcal to 180 Kcal (fresh fish) in different publications. But — it's a tragedy for fans of calorie counting!
There are, of course, official calorie tables. And sometimes you can look into them to have an idea of the energy capacity of a product, to know its composition in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and vitamins. This is very useful information.
But it's not that simple with calorie counting... And here you can count the calories "Calories Burn Calculator".

Let's find out why calorie counting is a dubious undertaking
1. The same product has different calories depending on how it is cooked!

Each product, undergoing thermal treatment (cooking, frying, stewing, etc.), changes its caloric content! So all the famous potatoes in a boiled form on average "weighs" 80 kcal per 100 grams of the product. And in fried oil — more than 150 Kcal. This is a simple example, but it shows that the neighborhood with other foods significantly changes the energy potential of the food.

Have you ever wondered how calorie counters work? Only average numbers are included in the database! From my experience: the girl diligently counted calories, and then tells me: I eat no more than 1000 Kcal a day and do not lose weight! Then I asked her, how does she count the calorie content of the dishes? It turns out, with the help of a calorie calculator! The girl kept a food diary, and when she showed me how she eats, it was obvious that her calculator was clearly being calculated. It calculated the calorie content of this girl's daily diet.  There were 900 Kcal out more than she counted! And all because the calorie calculator took averages (see the example with potatoes).

2. You may not know how many calories will be consumed in your body from a product!
The body of each person works on its own wavelength. Everyone has their own health features, speed of metabolic processes, state of hormonal systems, heredity and so on. Think about how you can apply average calorie values to all people? After all, very often young ladies advise others: eat at least 1200 and no more than 1500 Kcal a day! And no one thinks about whether a man will die on this 1500 Kcal, if, for example, this person has digestive problems, or maybe he runs "all day like a squirrel in a wheel"!?
So, the digestion of the same product in each body goes its own way! And even for the same person, the digestion of the same product can vary depending on health, emotions, hormonal background. Haven't you noticed that when you "burn some idea," you lose weight! When I'm happy, so is it! When you don't get enough sleep, you gain weight! When you are nervous (short time) — someone does not eat anything but does not lose weight, and someone eats like a vacuum cleaner and at the same time "melts"! This is an example of the body's work!

About SlimnessMany girls with these calorie counts put themselves on a half-starved ration and what is even scarier: on a completely wrong diet! Of course, the body loses weight in deficit mode. But at the same time, many then begin to experience problems: constant fatigue, problems with mood, sleep, and even with the menstrual cycle.

They start thinking: why! I eat the calories I've put in!!! If such a person comes to me, the first thing I ask about health and the second: how do you eat?

And what happens? Either the girl has really very little and lacks nutrients. Either she gains her calories from a meal far from a properly balanced diet! Remember how many people think: what difference does it make to gain your calories!? Really! You can eat cakes, and you can eat vegetables and fish. You can gain your calories from both! Only in the first case, you will not lose weight! Because simple carbohydrates will certainly be 100% fully digested. But the second dish will give energy, health, vitamins, and a long feeling of satiety!

So, the calorie calculator works hard every day. His master is losing weight... And then comes the breakdown. You can't eat by limiting yourself to surplus. This organism is even happy and lets you know about it with ease! And you can not eat, not giving yourself the necessary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and, therefore, vitamins for life! That's when a breakdown is inevitable!

And even if you eat right, just drop the calorie counts because they're still not true!

What to do? Change your attitude to food! Find other joys besides chocolate, fried potatoes, and sweets! Look at yourself with shining eyes! Analyze your diet and lifestyle, and you will certainly find what you need! No nutritionist or any other specialist can help you if you are deceiving yourself and do not see that you are a "night visitor of the refrigerator". Want to change that? Change! Replace harmful food with a healthy one. Bring up new habits, going out in the evening for a walk, not a cuddle with the refrigerator! And do not count calories and think that this is the way to lose weight!