What is Proper Nutrition?

What is Proper Nutrition?
Proper nutrition has become so fashionable and we decided to dispel all the myths about proper nutrition and finally tell everyone what lies there are in the heart of a healthy diet.

Proper nutrition is not a diet
Very often girls, wanting to lose weight, declare that they "sit" on the right food. Hundreds of communities have been created on the Internet, where the thinners share recipes for proper nutrition, post pictures of their figures before and after and exchange their ideas about proper nutrition. Unfortunately, many weight-loss people are mistaken and call banal diets, strict restrictions and even hunger as proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is the opposite of hunger
Hunger is not proper nutrition. Therefore, if you put yourself in strict restrictions and starve your body — it is not the right diet. It's more of bad food.

Proper nutrition does not count calories
Counting calories is the Stone Age. Whether you like this statement or not, my dear readers, remember one simple truth: you will never exactly calculate the calories in the food you eat. And even more so, you never know how many calories you've eaten and how many haven't. How much went on the energy costs of the body, and how much was deferred about the reserve.
  • The example is very simple: vegetable oil is a leader in calories. Per 100 g — 800-900 Kcal. To lose weight, some people plant themselves on 1300-1500 Kcal a day. So 150 grams of olive oil or any other vegetable oil — this is their daily norm. That's funny? Exactly! Drinking even a triple dose of oil and no more food without consuming, no one will start to gain weight, but it is 2500 Kcal. It's the same with alcohol. Have you seen fat alcoholics? It's the same! But alcohol is very high in calories.

Proper nutrition is not destruction, but the creation
Wanting to learn how to eat properly, do not make a list of what you should exclude from your diet. You need to write about what you will eat now. Proper nutrition is a varied diet, which has everything but frankly harmful things that are created with the help of high-tech production.
  • You can eat potatoes, pasta, pancakes, butter, bananas and even sweets (without trans fats). Yes, these products give a lot of energy and therefore require the waste of this very energy, but they carry and benefit. If you squeeze oatmeal in the morning and like baked potatoes, replace one with another and everything will be fine! If you adore bananas but are afraid to eat them because they contain a lot of starch, then eat a banana in the first snack, but on this day do not eat, for example, whole grain bread or rice noodles. You can always find a compromise and the right approach to yourself.

You have to exclude:
  • Sausage products
  • Margarine and everything where it is contained
  • Fast food products
  • Everything, deep-fried, bird skin
Proper nutrition does not include low-fat foods
If you eat low-fat dairy products, then you are already eating the wrong food! Excluding fats is a diet again. Proper nutrition stipulates that in the diet should be everything: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Low-fat dairy products won't do you any good.

Proper nutrition is the consumption of a variety of fish and meat and not only chicken breast. If you eat only chicken breast, you are on a crazy diet. You need a variety of meat, including pork. And even pork fat in small doses is good. But it is better to exclude grilled chickens with a fragrant crispy crust, and if you eat, then remove the skin. And then the girls completely forgot that in addition to chicken there is a beautiful turkey, and rabbit, etc.

Eating the right food is eating the right carbs

Everyone knows that you need to eat complex carbohydrates. And not once a week, but every day. It's just a matter of portions. The portion should be small, then nothing will be put aside in fat. How small?  You may ask. It depends on your metabolism. And metabolism depends on the presence of muscle mass, bowel function, your emotional background, etc.

Proper nutrition is enough vegetables and fruits in the diet
Vegetables, indeed, are very necessary for our body for slimness and health.
As for fruits, they also have benefits but It is better to eat the fruit in a separate meal, for example, during a snack.

Proper nutrition is the right drinking regime
The water is extremely important for our health. You need to drink as much as possible. There is no upper boundary.

Proper nutrition is the minimization of fried food
Returning to the girls who deceive themselves, sit on the right food and eat fried oatmeal pancakes in the morning, I would like to note that they are doing wrong. If you have decided that oatmeal should be for breakfast, then cook a delicious porridge, and if you are tired, then eat an omelet, for example. Proper nutrition is about boiled, baked, stewed and fried over an open fire food, but not prepared on a  frying pan with oil.

Proper nutrition and sugar substitutes
If you want to lose weight, you must completely change your attitude to sweets, and not to eat low-calorie cakes with sugar substitutes. So you can not keep slim, because have not got rid of the cause of excess weight.

And if you just want to learn how to eat right, then throw out all the sugar substitutes! They are made for people with diabetes! It is better sometimes to afford a dessert with normal sugar and then to shake it on a treadmill than to regularly poison yourself with sugar substitutes.

Proper nutrition is small portions 5 times a day
You don't have to drive yourself to extreme hunger. In this state, you will eat much more than your body needs. That's why there is a system of 3/2. Three meals and two snacks. This rule will maintain your strength and emotional balance.

I would also like to note that you can eat correctly not only at home, but also in a cafe or restaurant, or at work in the dining room. And some say that those who go to work can not keep the right diet.  In any Cafe there is a side dish, there are salads of vegetables without mayonnaise, there is a large selection of meat and fish. Even if the meat or fish is cooked in the oven under the crust of cheese or mayonnaise, the excess can always be removed.

At the end of the article, I would like to add that you can "sit" on a diet, then get off it and go further. You can't sit on the right food. Proper nutrition should be constant. That doesn't mean you can never eat a sausage or sandwich now. Not at all. Sometimes, if you really want to, you can. The main thing is that it does not become a regularity.