About Diets — Rapid Weight Loss and a Point of Sustainable Weight

About Diets — Rapid Weight Loss and a Point of Sustainable Weight
I must say that in this article the word "diet" does not mean a way of eating, but restrictive diets for weight loss — as we used to call them…

There are many different diets aimed at losing weight. And many of them, indeed, work — hateful fats go into the furnace for the energy needs of the body and do it very quickly!. But what happens next? Why does weight return again when you first retreat from a diet? That's because our body has a point of steady weight — it's that weight (even wrong weight), which seems to be imprinted in the memory of the body (all its systems: hormonal, vascular, muscular, nervous, etc.).

At any fluctuations in weight, the body tends to return to this very point. Surely, you have noticed that weight gained in a short period of time quickly goes away after a vacation or holidays, and you weigh as before the holiday again. It's the same with losing weight. Rapid weight loss is very, very difficult to keep! The body at every opportunity will strive to return to its point at which it is used to live! And all diets give, as a rule, it is fast weight loss! In other words, shock weight loss is when the body loses weight in a state of stress. And any diet is stressful! Do not think that losing weight is always good! Losing weight is strife! Losing weight on healthy eating and sports is good, losing weight in a stressful state is bad. Remember, dieting is very stressful!

Correct weight loss
it is important to lose weight correctly! Only a slow, step-by-step weight loss on a healthy diet reduces the point of sustained weight and therefore the effect of "forever" rather than on time! The point of steady weight will begin to decrease if the weight loss goes smoothly, has stops in order that our body has time to restructure the work of its systems! It sometimes takes years if the weight is high. But everyone wants to lose weight quickly and forever, and so does not happen, unfortunately...

That's why all diets are doomed to fail! One day you will no longer be able to comply with it and will begin to introduce excluded products into the diet. And the weight will start to come back. To lose weight properly is to lose weight on a healthy diet. And it's not temporary, my darlings. Such food should become your usual food forever! And do not rape yourself and include what you do not tolerate into the diet, for example, oatmeal or cabbage. Make the right food for yourself with your usual set of products! You can always find an alternative!