Lose Weight in a Month Without Harming Your Health

Lose Weight in a Month Without Harming Your Health
Losing weight quickly is a dream of everyone who is overweight. It would be good not to do anything at the same time, but to pronounce a miracle-conspiracy or drink some miracle powder... The Internet is full of headlines such as: "Lose 10 kg in a week" or "I lost 20 kg in a month." We all understand that such headlines are a marketing move, behind which there is an advertisement of questionable drugs. And what about reality and how to lose weight in a month without harm to health?

When we lose weight?
For hundreds of years, one immutable truth has been known: we lose weight when the arrival of energy with food is less than life and muscle activity. In other words, when carbohydrates are not enough, then fats, set aside in our reserve in the form of fat.
Under what circumstances do we lack the energy we get with food?

The answer is simple — Energy is lacking in three cases:
  1. When you started moving more.
  2. When you eat less.
  3. When the hormone rages adrenaline (with short-term stress, with strong bright impressions).
Based on the above facts, it is easy to understand what you need to do to get rid of excess weight. But here it is important to find a middle point and not to start starving or running all day long to exhaustion.

So, we came to the main theme of this post: how to lose weight in a month.
We do not accept mono- and hungry diets, because they adversely affect the work of our metabolism and lead to health problems and even more weight gain in the future.

Losing weight in a month is especially easy
As the practice of 1 month of weight loss, and for someone who needs to lose 3-5 kg it is generally the only one, it is especially easy and pleasant to lose weight, because:
  • Weight loss is especially noticeable in the first month because the excess fluid and "young" fats are actively leaving;
  • The first month of weight loss you are full of energy uplift and strength;
  • The first month of food restrictions does not seem to you to be a deprivation;
  • There is no dietary plateau for the first month.
Thus, it is really possible to lose weight in a month. And do not believe the stories that "began to lose weight, and the weight stands still." With the right approach, this cannot be the same.

When not to start losing weight
Do not start losing weight during or immediately after suffering the disease. It is difficult for the body to adjust to weight loss during recovery. Let your body gain strength for 2 weeks or 1 month, and then fight. Enrich your diet with vegetables and fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy proteins;
  • Don't start losing weight in the pre-menstruation period. If at this time you eat fewer carbohydrates, then you will start a real breakdown. The diet before critical days should be rich in complex carbohydrates.
The main rules are:
We increase the amount of liquid you drink by 0.5 liters. If you've always had a lot of drinking water, it's easy for you to do that. If you did not drink, you can always add half a liter. If you have swelling, drink while you are actively moving (i.e. during the day). When you get used to this portion of water and start to lose weight, you will need to increase your water intake;

Remove white bread and soup from the diet. Leave rye bread and bread with bran. It should be no more than 70 grams per day.
Cut in the diet of sweets exactly for a half. If before you ate 1 candy strictly at breakfast, now eat this candy every second day. If you do not eat sweets and only drink sweet tea, then reduce the amount of sugar in tea by half, or drink this same tea half times.

Reduce your meal by 1/3. If you used to eat four soup ladles and a large chunk of bread at lunch, now you eat half a dose of bread and two soup ladles. Don't be afraid of starvation! The next point about that.

We start eating 5 times a day in half portions
Twice a day we introduce raw vegetables into the diet. In order to reduce by 1/3 of the portions you will not feel hunger, start eating vegetables at the beginning of the meal.

We finish eating 4-5 hours before sleep. The mouth needs to be locked! Drink water or tea, but eat nothing else.
Remove fried dishes from the diet. Boil, bake but do not fry in oil. The process of frying on any fat adds calories to any product. Do you need extra Kcal?

Include into your diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: flaxseed oil, oily fish, nuts and seeds. Fish should be eaten at least 3 times a week in any meal. Nuts in the form of a snack or a second breakfast, you can add them to the salad. Nuts and seeds are consumed once a day.
Eggs and dairy products should be present in the diet. Eat them separately from other foods! This is especially true for dairy products.
Remove all visible fat from the meat. The fat in your diet should be shared as 1/3 of animal fats and 2/3 vegetables.

Include physical activity. Everyone has to choose what they like. You should combine cardio loads, exercises for stretching and strengthening your muscles. Breathing practices are also good.

The simplest cardio load is walking. Each of us can leave the house and take a brisk step to walk.

it is very difficult to lose weight without increased physical activity! The body gives away the accumulated fats with great difficulty. It is much easier to use proteins that the body actually needs for other purposes when changing your diet!

Don't put yourself in any frames that go beyond the limits of reasonable: like, I have to lose 10 kg in a month. Just go to your goal. You will already lose at least 5 kg for the first 2 weeks of weight loss. And then it all depends on your efforts and features of the body.

What to do next?
The first month of weight loss is the starting period when you are slowly learning to eat properly, move more and gladly note how you like it. It is possible that sometimes it will be difficult. The body will feel that it lacks the usual caloric content and will ask you for extra candy, a piece of sausage before going to bed or something else unnecessary. Deceive yourself in such difficult moments.  Offer your body spiritual like good emotions. After all, overeating and being overweight is dissatisfaction with life. Bring happiness to your life losing weight!