An Easy Way to Get Rid of Constipation

An Easy Way to Get Rid of Constipation
Most overweight people face constipation. And modern pharmacology offers many solutions to this problem, but the real effective remedy is sometimes very difficult to find: the drugs are not contraindicated, the beets and prunes cause even more discomfort in the abdomen …

Constipation is one of the biggest problems of modern society
In recent times, it is not only pregnant women, obese and elderly women who have faced this problem, but children and adolescents are increasingly suffering from this malaise. The explanation is simple — we began to move little, useful fiber replaced with all-available harmful fast food, and we are not used to drinking water.

Give your intestines just 5 minutes
There is a lot of breathing gymnastics and abdominal massages that improve bowel peristalsis. I offer you the simplest exercise, which will take only 3-5 minutes. Do it in the morning strictly on an empty stomach!
As soon as you get out of bed and pull the muscles that have faded after sleep, pay attention to your tummy.

Breathing exercise from constipationStand up freely, straighten your shoulders and freely lower your hands down. Don't let your body feel any tension. Take a deep breath, while directing all the air not into the chest, but into the abdomen. In other words, when inhaling, put your stomach on as much as possible. Let it round up like a drum!

After 2 seconds, start exhaling according to the following scheme: first make two tiny exhales. It's like you're dropping the balloon. With the first blow-up belly deflates a little, with the second — a little more. And only when you exhale all the remaining air, while the stomach should be as much as possible to draw into yourself! Such approaches should be made 5-7 times. Drink a glass of clean water 5 minutes after exercise.

Tips for beginners
Doing the respiratory exercise for the gut does not overdo it for the first time. Do it not at maximum stress, but easily. Every day increases the amplitude of your tummy movement. It is better to do exercise with an open window, so you will enrich your body with fresh oxygen, thereby giving food to brain cells! And most importantly, you need to do the exercise strictly on an empty stomach! On the first day, you will feel your intestines wake up and start working! And you will forget about constipation forever with regular daily gymnastics!

Constipation and excess weight As for weight loss, this bowel cleansing is one of the important steps. With any comprehensive weight loss program, you extra pounds begin to leave you. Therefore, this breathing exercise should be performed not only for constipation but also as an additional stimulant for getting rid of excess weight.