Evening Overeating and How to Get Rid of It

Evening Overeating and How to Get Rid of It
It would seem that dinner is enough. And there is satiety, and the head understands that it is enough for an evening meal. So why do your feet carry to the kitchen, and your hands are drawn to food.
There are many reasons:

1. The first is a habit
Our body gravitates to the regime and functioning on certain rhythms. Even our hormonal system has its own daily rhythms, which is why it is so important to eat at certain repetitive hours. If you have trained yourself to receive additional portions of energy in the evenings, the body is used to it and in the evening it will again ask for something at the appointed hour... Fortunately, it is easy to get used to the body to normal eating.

2. The second reason is a poor diet during the day
You feed yourself so badly during the day that in the evening the unfortunate body "eats." It is inevitable that a hungry body will make you eat in the evening. By the way, from here grows the breakdown. And if your body didn't ask for food in the evening, you'd die of exhaustion. And what is most striking — in the daytime you do not want to eat but in the evening... It's also a habit and doesn't think that this is how your body works! That's what you- your consciousness made him do. By nature, we are arranged differently — in the morning we need fuel in the form of food — like car gasoline!

3. The third reason is health problems.
Often you write in the comments that you are gaining weight from taking hormonal drugs. I will say again that you are not gaining weight from them, but from side effects — increased appetite! Appetite can be so high that you want to eat always! In such cases, sometimes it is better to change the drug than then to treat obesity and a bunch of other problems. In general, you need to revise the diet. Add more plant-based food that will be your airbag. And in the evening there are not candy and cucumber-carrot. After all, you can make a very tasty and not caloric salad. Separately, I want to say about diabetes. It's important to do a second dinner! This is probably the case when hunger cannot be tolerated! But even here it is better to eat kefir and bread crumbs than gingerbread and milk.

4. The fourth reason is that there is no motivation to lose weight
Everybody knows the phrase no motivation... My dear women, the most important, the first and strongest motivation — it's your sense of yourself! I have not met in my work any overweight woman who loves herself and is proud of her body ... But those who lose weight begin to love themselves, to respect themselves, to be proud of themselves. And following these feelings, note that others began to treat them differently.

Going back to the evening famine... When you want to throw something in your mouth, think: where is hunger coming from — the stomach or head??? If the first, eat a vegetable or drink tea with milk. And if the second, then give your headrest: sleep, book, walk. It is just tired and nothing else!

If your consciousness remembers all the candy that lies in the table, tell yourself: I will eat it tomorrow morning! It's not going anywhere! Promise yourself that! And the morning is wiser...