Fat Woman’s Weight Loss Tips

Fat Woman’s Weight Loss Tips
Last year, when my friends started to call me a fat woman, let me call this indecent it hard to accept, I have to find a weight loss tips, not allow ourselves to obesity, but that body fat is impossible to ride thin foal.

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I have dreamed of me in a dream gotten thinner, fabulous figure, touched the hearts of countless people, the pursuit of those countless, I am happy to cry, wake up, I found myself in tears before the original is painful tears.

Obesity afflicts my body, more torture fragile heart.
I try to change my destiny, this way of life has given me tired. I began to experiment with food treatment of small posts disabilities, do not eat greasy food every day and reduce appetite. Whenever the greedy, I would think my Prince Charming, so he persevered. However, after a very long period of time, my weight has not gone down, but rather increase the situation, so I’m worried. After the doctor’s inquiries, I learned that weight loss is not a hunger strike will be able to cut down not only to eat but must exercise.

I have dreams for their own day, began to strengthen training, the doctor told me that high-quality exercise must be aerobic breathing exercises, that is, to be outdoors for exercise, sufficient oxygen is conducive to weight loss. I will exercise my time as a morning and evening.

10 minutes to get up early morning, go jogging park; the evening, after dinner, walk to the park, first time, I really do not live a little bit adhere to, but after a week, my weight decreased significantly, and this makes me even more convinced that aerobic breathing exercises are Zhenzhen obesity treatment.

Now the time from my weight loss has been more than a year, and no one called me fat woman, and the pursuit of those who are more up, I am very happy, I from my Prince Charming is no longer distant.