6 Small Waist Weight Loss Exercise

6 Small Waist Weight Loss Exercise
Can take advantage of lunch and afternoon when not too busy to do something in this little exercise, not to overlook a few small movements, as long as adhere to very significant results can reach oh.

  1. With legs: lying down, and will be held online feet slowly, with the body to maintain a 90-degree angle, slowly down, repeated 5 times.
  2. Legs frequently cite supine, legs raised at right angles, knees peg-leg, and muscle relaxation. Quick do 100-180 times (a day-by-by).
  3. Lateral bending: the foot placed in a chair while bending over to the opposite side, the first touch feet, do 10-15 times. Then change legs do, day by day by time.
  4. Buttocks, “walk”: straight legs, hands, feet, and the rise of Rotary to carry out the same side to go, and so alternately forward movement 5-10 meters. Twice a day, and gradually increase the distance.
  5. Pedaling movements: supine bicycle pedal movements to do. Kick faster, started 40 times, and gradually increase to 150 times each.
  6. The body slowly while: sitting on the floor, hands, and feet separately, hands-reach left to right repeatedly turn, the turn 10-15 times. Supine, muscle completely relaxed, the entire repeat 3-5 times daily increasing.