Eat These Snacks Will Make You Fat Overnight Violence

Eat These Snacks Will Make You Fat Overnight Violence
Sometimes when you really notice your body, you will find that the addition of around fleshy body, do not think that he did not exercise due Oh! Maybe your usual inadvertently eat the small snacks has become the culprit.

Chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars:
A chocolate bar because of the heat equivalent of a meal was half of the heat. If your life is not out of fragrant chocolate, caramel and peanuts contain the thick of the wonderful taste, it is recommended that you always pay attention to the numbers on the scales every day, eat high-calorie snacks that are not fat difficult. In addition, the chocolate bars contained in the high-sugar, or an accomplice causes oxidation, but also let you speed up aging.

Jelly is not fat, eat a small amount will not make people fat, you can not expect it to increase nutrition.

Plum, then Lee:
Salt content is too high if the long-term intake of salt can induce high blood pressure.

High fat, low nutritional value, eat a balanced diet are not conducive.

A high-fat, high energy food, fewer vitamins, and minerals, eat a balanced diet is not conducive, but it also easily lead to obesity.

If you think that drinking fruit juice every day, compared to the can of nutrition, high-sugar fruit juice will give you a year later, an increase of 12 kg of body weight.

Potato chips:
A low nutritional value, but also a lot of fat and energy, eat more easily lead to obesity, or the enemy of skin fitness.

Nutritional value adequate, but it contains more lead can affect children’s mental and physical development, neurological damage to adults.

Fruit candy, lollipops: 
Only sugar from the fruit flavors, pigments, and other additives eat more prone to tooth decay and obesity.

Preserved fruits, candied fruit: 
In the food processing, fruit contains vitamin C basically been destroyed, in addition to a lot of heat, almost no other nutrients, consumption of excessive amounts can lead to some The lack of trace elements.

Bubble gum, chewing gum: 
Almost zero nutritional value, some products contain a lot of preservatives, artificial sweeteners and so on.

Puffed snack food: 
Nutrition is acceptable but some products containing a large number of colors, flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food additives, plastic, etc..