How Stress Hormons Work During Weight Loss

How Stress Hormons Work During Weight Loss
Today I want to tell you how stress hormones work. When a person gets into a stressful situation (not prolonged, but sharp and unexpected) stress hormone adrenaline works in the body. It acts like nitroglycerin or shocker, forcing the body to work: the pressure increases, fats break down, excess fluid is excreted.

The energy is over the edge. This is a state of alert, when you need to make serious decisions, to save someone/protect, to work, as they say, tirelessly... At this time, there is certainly a weight loss, because the body has to cope with the reason that brought sharp unexpected stress, and it takes energy from the reserves. Long adrenaline and norepinephrine can not rage, that's when they are replaced by cortisol, which protects us from prolonged stress — it's everyday stressful situations or the consequences of severe shock stress; These are depressive states. long-term dissatisfaction with a particular situation...

Cortisol is obliged to help to survive, slowly cope with pain, sadness, anger, fatigue, etc., and therefore its task — to put the body in a state in which it will have reserves for survival. In other words, set the mode of saving energy, saving emotions, saving everything else... At this time there is weight gain, reduced pressure, loss of strength, apathy, drowsiness or insomnia. At this time it is important not to stay in such a state, but to pull yourself out. Our bodies are extremely wise and intelligent. Ii will not harm itself, it will go to the next level and again begin to live a normal life if it is healthy! But we violate its conceived natural work. What are we doing?

  1. We sit in the dark at the computer or in front of the TV, thereby increasing the synthesis of cortisol, while sleeping its level decreases!
  2. We swear we get angry, sad, dissatisfied with trifles! Sometimes you have to say stop to yourself! Instead, we warm up negative emotions, swaying unpleasant situations in the head over and over again!
  3. Eat all sorts of nastiness (I'm not afraid of this word!). We think this way: I'm stressed! I need it now! And we sweep the chocolate, the loaf with sausage, a bottle of soda... Well, be honest: It helped to reduce the stress? It's getting easier? That's the thing, it's not! At this time you seem to forget that stress is not only in your head but also in your stomach, liver, intestines... they are as bad as your brains, your eyes, your heart... and you're still throwing stuff into them! I can write this list for a very long time, but I will limit myself to the most approximate — what I see and hear every day! The conclusion is, my dear readers: stress does not ask us when to come and cover us with head. It does not send warnings, and comes abruptly and unexpectedly! And do not eat, drink and smoke ... Let the stages of stress hormones pass, let the body react to them as they should. Do not interfere with senseless actions, unnecessary thoughts, unnecessary medicines, and even more so inedible food. The best thing is to sleep, walk and live in a state of awareness, not dividing yourself into the soul! Be healthy both physically and emotionally!