How to Not to Gain Weight After the Party and Holidays.

How to Not to Gain Weight After the Party and Holidays.
Weekends, holidays and reception of guests at home. It's Birthdays and other holidays, and all accompanied by feasts, alcohol and if not overeating, then just eating something superfluous, but delicious! Usually the next day there is a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and even weight gain. How to spend a feast and the next day without harm to the figure and, most importantly, health?

1. The most important thing is not to overeat. And in order not to do it, then eat at home a portion of salad! Yes, it's ordinary raw vegetables. They will be an airbag from overeating. Or start the meal not with alcohol, but with vegetables. When you begin your meal not being hungry, everything goes right. You're snacking on something, rather than throwing kebab, fish, cheese in your stomach, washed down with beer/wine/champagne.

2. Don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach! It will double your appetite and it will be difficult to control the amount of food. Try to eat first and then drink.

3. During the feast, eat one thing: vegetables, protein or vegetables and desserts. This separation is the best thing you can do for yourself! Then in the morning, your hangover will not be hellish. It will be much easier for the body to digest what you have eaten, and you will eat much fewer calories than when mixing everything.

4. Sometimes it is good to take a medicine that helps digestion. But! There is a myth that it will help to cope with alcohol intoxication! Don't believe it! It can slow down intoxication, but not eliminate or reduce! So be careful!

The next day:
1. Remove the salt.

2. Drink more tonic teas.

3. Give up the food that was a lot yesterday — at the table. If you ate meat, today do without it. If you ate fruits and desserts, then give them up.

4. You need to get some sleep and then move more to leave the excess fluid.

5. Don't weigh yourself! There is always a weight gain after alcohol. And more often not on the morning of the next day, but in 24 hours. Wait for 3 days — this is the time until the body will return to normal.
  • Dear women, remember that "good fun is a heavy hangover." All the talk that you need to relax on weekends is true, but it is not overeating and especially not alcohol! It's a good sleep, walks and favorite things to do. In the end, the food will not go anywhere, but the figure and health are very fragile and you need to treat them carefully and with love! Good weekend to all!