All About Oatmeal For Weight Loss

All About Oatmeal For Weight Loss
Everyone knows that oatmeal/oat flakes are good for our health. But often women write that oatmeal not only does not allow them to lose weight but also contributes to weight gain... Another common phenomenon is the rapid feeling of hunger after the morning oatmeal. What is really going on and how to use oatmeal?

I will not write about the fact that oats — extremely useful cereal.
It's a real treasure trove of vitamins. It is, in fact, useful in the morning as a source of energy, plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals, as well as priceless dietary fiber. If you eat oatmeal in the morning without the addition of full-fledged proteins (animals), then the feeling of hunger, indeed, will come quickly, because eaten oatmeal will pass through the stomach in transit, as our stomach breaks only proteins, but not carbohydrates and fats! Therefore, for satiety and greater benefit, combine oatmeal not only with berries/fruits (which you add for taste) but also with proteins.
Of course, it is impossible to get overweight from only oatmeal. If you have weight gain, then you just overeat carbohydrates or fats, maybe proteins. Or both. And oatmeal is simply included in the total amount of food eaten during the day. Rethink your diet. Analyze it. Find something that may indeed be superfluous or shorten portions.

It happens that people note bloating after eating oatmeal.
Here it is important to understand what gives such a reaction: the cereal itself or with filling: fruits, dried fruits, milk. Very often it is the combination of certain products that cause gas formation. If you like oatmeal, then find the version of cooking that you like, suitable for your body. If you do not like oatmeal, then try to include it in your diet at least occasionally. After all, you can also add oatmeal to useful pastries, cocktails, smoothies.

It is important to use those flakes that are not cleaned of the most valuable shells. The most useful are the flakes of "Extra" i.e. the largest and grossest. But! If there are problems with the gastrointestinal organs, then you are shown a more delicate and digestible seed than the rough hande and richest dietary fiber. As for the muesli, they are often made of low-grade cereals, have sugar in their composition, a lot of dried fruits /nuts (also low-grade). Be careful! It is better to buy cereals, nuts, fruits and prepare yourself a well-known and tasty porridge.