About Men's Weight Loss

About Men's Weight Loss
Sitting work, driving, lack of time for sports, fast food, beer, etc. Today male obesity has spread so widespread that slender men are less and less. From here you often ask the question: how to lose weight to a man?

I answer: easy
The male body is not set up to store fat. It doesn't have that need, unlike us women. Therefore, it is much easier to remove fat from the male body than from a woman's body. From experience, I will say: a man loses weight twice faster than a woman with equal weight and equal conditions! Why is this happening? Because even a sportsman does not have more muscle mass than women, and therefore, metabolic processes are more active. In addition, the hormonal system in men also works on the waste of sediment, on the launch of them in the furnace of the body, and not on accumulation! Therefore, losing weight for men is always easier. Sometimes it is enough to remove fast food and night meals so that the stomach began to melt in front of his eyes. And if you add at least some activity, then in six months your man will be in shape.

So, how to lose weight to a man:
  1. Remove late food,  3-4 hours before sleep.
  2. Adjust your diet during the day so that not to feel hungry in the evening. Most of the busy men are hungry during the day, and in the evening they are fed up to the dump. That's where the weight, hypertension and other problems come from.
  3. Remove the excess sweets and, most often, bread and bakery products.
  4. If excess weight is accompanied by high blood pressure, which is not uncommon, then cut salt! Sometimes only this item gives weight reduction by 7-10 kg per month.
  5. Try to teach a man to eat as well as you do! And men love vegetables very much, just start cooking them.