Salt — The Rules of Use For Weight Loss

Salt — The Rules of Use For Weight Loss
Very often there are articles that tell us about the need to use salt. At the same time do not explain why and how much. In other articles, we can see that a person can do without salt. So people are divided into two camps. Where is the reliable information?

Sodium chloride, which we call salt, is really needed by our body.
It is involved in many reactions in our bodies. The existence of the organism is impossible without this mineral! And that is why our wise body is protected from its excessive loss. That is, all sodium cannot be excreted from our bodies. And its lack in the body does not happen — for this is responsible for the hormonal system.

Where does sodium come from if a person, for example, does not eat salt at all?

Everything is very simple: 
  • sodium is found in many products
  • both industrial production (cheese, bread)
And natural:
  • vegetables
  • meat
  • egg
The rate of sodium is about 1.3 grams per day, and if you take it only from salt, it is 4-5 grams of salt. But you don't just eat salt.

If every day a person eats 10-15 grams of salt, then there is a daily excess of sodium in the body, and therefore, the water-salt balance, acid-alkaline balance, etc. is disturbed. flabbiness of the skin, and other problems. In addition, amid an overabundance of sodium, there is a lack of potassium. And today (in the days of fast food) more and more people suffer from a lack of potassium and an overabundance of sodium.

So do not believe the one who says that salt should be eaten, so as not to die from sodium deficiency. If you eat cheese, bread, egg, meat, vegetables, drink mineral water, do not salt any homemade food.

The most optimal is to reduce salt intake to a minimum of 4-5 grams per day. I remind you that these are the norms for a healthy person.
If you suffer from hypertension, joint diseases, digestive organs, diabetes, your salt rate is 2 grams per day.

Tip: in order not to overeat salt, learn to salt by the method of exclusion. Do not salt those foods in which sodium is enough: fish, egg, meat. Salt plant vegetables and cereals if necessary.

So, dear women, be attentive to yourself. I always say this: no food is worth our health and beauty.