Bloodshot Eyes And Its Home Remedies

Bloodshot Eyes And Its Home Remedies
There are an array of reasons why one gets bloodshot eyes. However, it may be; the sloshing of cold water (fresh) is the best possible solution to reduce the redness; however, it should be done whenever possible. There are umpteen number of bloodshot eyes causes; however, nothing is as soothing as the splashing of cold water and mid you it is an age-old remedy; nonetheless, it is better if you do this several times a day with your eyelids closed. It is suggested that ice cold water should be used for this, as it aids in killing the harmful bacteria if any.

Red eyes
Can also be cured and soothed by applying ice pack with some soft cotton cloth over the lids. This simple, yet effective treatment is best when your eyes are fatigued and stressed. The other good remedy for bloodshot eyes is an equal mixture of Aloe-Vera with milk and rose water. This needs to be soaked liberally in cotton wool and placed on the closed eyelids for about 15 minutes; try your best to do this in a dark room for best results. For eye drops; there is nothing better than cool rose water, however, make certain that only a few droplets are put into each eye. This is because too much of it would make the eye smart and as it is too much of anything is not good.

A dark room is suggested because, apart from reducing the color of red eyes; it relieves you from stress also. Exposure to bright Sunlight, dust and grime are also one of bloodshot eyes causes; so make sure to wear sunglasses, goggles, shades. Bloodshot eyes can be caused by an upset stomach also, in fact, this is one of the major bloodshot eyes causes. It is recommended, especially to people who eat a lot of spicy food to eat at least 2 tomatoes on empty stomach every morning. In other words to prevent red eyes; make sure your bowel movement is clear. There are certain herbs which have proven their efficacy for this malady as well and that too for ages; to name a few

Vaccinium myrtillus and Aspalathus linearis. There have been some authentic reports on the usage of goldenseal to cure this malady as it contains berberine, so an eyewash of it is recommended; however the eye is a delicate organ, so medical supervision is suggested to avoid any dispute with this site.