Home Remedies For Wheezing

Home Remedies For Wheezing
When breathing becomes an effort due to the narrowing of the respiratory tract; due to whatever reason then a person starts to wheeze. Wheezing is nothing but gasping for breath due to an obstruction in the respiratory tract and the aftermath is congestion usually.

The ailment of wheezing is usually the aftermath of the mentioned health conditions:
  • It is a severe type of reaction that blocks the air passage and the condition is known as Anaphylaxis.
  • A wheezing cough could be an aftermath of Asthma as well.
  • This ailment is triggered by acute bronchitis also.
  • At times certain foreign bodies get clogged in the air passage; like food etc, this condition is known as aspiration and it gives impetus to wheezing.
  • This ailment can be triggered by a chronic type of obstruction in the pulmonary system.
  • Prolonged medication leads to bronchoconstriction and this gives impetus to wheezing cough.
  • If water gets filled in the lungs you tend to wheeze while breathing and the condition of water filling in the lungs is known as pulmonary erm.
  • When there is inflammation in the bronchi and air passage or the vocal cords are hampered you tend to wheeze.
However, they say prevention is better than cure so please do not indulge in smoking; whether active or passive. If you are wheezing, then you must stay away from chemicals due to their strong odor; this is because this ailment is an allergic reaction and exposure to these have chemicals will only worsen the situation. If your work demands you be in such environs, then wear a mask as a preventive measure and children suffering from this ailment should be refrained from breathing in dusty environments.

Nonetheless, there are certain home remedies for a wheezing cough and nothing beats bed rest with frequent hot compress with the aid of a towel on the chest. A humidifier could be used; if the situation demands it and so can breathing exercise help in strengthening the lungs. Remember that plenty of water needs to drunk in a situation like this and in an emergency sip hot water with cloves helps a lot. Herbal teas also help a lot to reduce the symptoms of this ailment and these teas can be procured over the counter (OTC).