Remedies For Parasites In Humans

Remedies For Parasites In Humans
Parasite symptoms include a drastic drop in appetite or a sudden increase in it; however may be the case the ailing person loses weight, all of a sudden. Authorities are of the opinion that there are more than 100 such parasites and humans are most susceptible to them, though animals also suffer from such parasites. The transmission of these parasites is either foodborne or waterborne and people living in third world countries are most vulnerable to parasites.

 The main causes of giving impetus to the growth of parasites are:
  • Improper digestion
  • An improper balance of bacteria
  • Fiber low diet
However, there some proven remedies for parasites in humans:
  • ½ a gram each of Sprague (powder) and molasses, if concocted and taken on a daily basis are good to combat parasitic worms.
  • For the removal of parasitic symptoms, one needs to eat two peeled and grated carrots every day.
  • Parasites in humans can be combated with a decoction of spearmint juice, lime juice and a tinge of black salt.
  • The imbibing of coconut water and the chewing of this fruit (fresh) about thrice daily flushes the system, thereby ridding one of the parasitic symptoms.
  • Parasitic worms can be removed in the excreta by imbibing 200 ml of milk (warm) with two teaspoonfuls of castor oil before bedtime.
  • At night one should take a ½ gram of Sprague (powder) with some black and warm water.
  • The powdered version of lemon seeds (one pinch) with warm water should be imbibed every night
  • The drinking of pomegranate juice on a daily basis helps in ridding a person of parasites.
  • A concoction of powdered papaya seeds, milk and a teaspoon of castor oil helps in the removal of intestinal parasites.
  • To get rid of parasitic worms Spiegel seeds with a similar quantity of fennel seeds are highly recommended.
  • A concoction of buttermilk powder and Sprague with a quarter liter of milk is very effective in the removal of any such parasite symptoms.
  • Freshly cut tomatoes, liberally sprinkled with black salt is a very good home remedy for the treatment of parasitic worms.
  • For the removal of tapeworms; pumpkin seeds are recommended, Though they should be properly peeled and powdered.
  • A juice made from dried prunes should be imbibed after a full day of fasting to get rid of troublesome intestinal parasites.
A wee bit of advice here, milk products should be avoided (to be taken only if recommended) and non-vegetarian foodstuffs should be given a wide berth.