Herbal Teas keeps our Body Fit and Healthy

Herbal Teas keeps our Body Fit and Healthy
The world is moving more and more towards herbal and alternative treatments. Conventional treatments are more focused on treating the symptoms rather than the causes. Natural therapy, on the other hand, is more focused on treating the causes rather than the symptoms. Conventional treatment is also fraught with the dangers of side effects. Most herbal extracts in the form of teas have got very few side effects and a number of benefits. Among the many beneficial effects of herbal teas are as follows-

A very good anxiolytic and antidepressant
Herbal tea contains Chamomile which has been used since ancient times to treat depression and other mental disorders. Chamomile is a natural sedative and also helps to calm the mind and body and stimulate uninterrupted sleep.

Antioxidant Properties
Free radicals are substances that are formed in the natural process of metabolism in our body. Free radicals have been indicted in almost all fatal diseases. Free radicals are removed by antioxidants which combine with the free radicals and make it un-reactive and harmless. Herbal Teas are loaded with anti-oxidants and help to keep free radicals in check and pre-empt many potential ailments.

Makes the Immune system Stronger
Herbal tea helps to hone the Immune system and make it more lethal against invading pathogens. A strong immune system has a bearing on the general health and bearing of the body.

Cleans the Body of Cholesterol
The modern and competitive world has taken a heavy toll on peoples lifestyles and the worst affected is the diet. Too much emphasis is now being paid to fast and junk food since it is much quicker to make and much more convenient. However, Junk foods are devoid of any form of fibers and many important nutrients. It also has an excess of bad cholesterol which accumulates in the body and causes a number of serious disorders. Herbal Tea helps to keep this bad cholesterol under control