Herbal Treatment of Panic Attacks

Herbal Treatment of Panic Attacks
Modern times have seen an abnormal increase in the number of patients with mental ailments. The cutthroat competition and the rigors of modern times make most of us as walking time-bombs which are just waiting to explode.  Lack of sleep and faulty eating habits have contributed to the increase in such cases.

Most of the common methods or conventional medicines like anti-depressants cause more harm than benefits. Such drugs are notorious for causing side effects like dryness of mouth, sedation, and the possibility of addiction and abuse.

There has been a steep increase of people who have done away with these conventional treatments and selected the use of herbal medicines for treating panic attacks. Herbal medicines are equally effective but without any major side effects.

The following are some of the herbal remedies which you can use to manage panic attacks
  • Chamomile is a very good herb which has a muscle relaxant activity and at the same time helps the people to feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • Lavender has also been used in aromatherapy to treat panic attacks. The pleasant aroma of the extracts helps to cool the hyperactive nervous system.

Passionflower is also recommended for treating panic attacks.